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    Here's What You Should Actually Eat When You're Hungover

    One more reason that avocado toast is God.

    Picture this: You pop to the pub with your mates after work, and one small glass becomes two becomes a whole bottle becomes you just keep saying "another large glass for me, please!" every time someone offers a round.

    You Uber home, topple into bed with one arm pulled out of your jumper sleeve, wait for the room to stop spinning, and pass out. Only to wake up like this:

    After you use up every iota of energy you have pulling your sorry self out of bed at whatever ungodly hour it is, you stumble to the fridge. Your stomach's turning and your head is split into a million tiny pieces. It's rough.

    But last weekend's leftover pizza will fix it, right?

    WRONG. Sorry, but wrong.

    Cold pizza is delicious, but it's not a hangover cure. The good news is that just because pizza won't actually calm your stomach or make you feel like a functioning human, you CAN eat your way to a faster and fuller recovery.

    It turns out a couple small adjustments can make a huge difference in your recovery.

    To start, ditch fizzy drinks for sports drinks and ice lollies.

    Don't eat large, greasy meals.

    Instead, focus on foods with plenty of vitamin B.

    Trick your body's grease hankering with healthy fats.

    Don't fall into the "hair of the dog" trap.

    Drink a shit ton of water.

    Consider how you treat your body BEFORE you go out next time.

    And if you wake up still drunk?

    So have fun and welcome the occasional morning-after misery, but don't forget to take care of yourself before, during, and after that cheeky half-pint turned bender.