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16 Airports Where You Actually Won't Mind A Layover

Fly in style.

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3. Heathrow Airport, England

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If you're stuck on a layover in Heathrow, head over to Terminal 5 to check out the T5 gallery, featuring a number of sculptures, paintings, and more temporary exhibits to take your mind off of your travels.


4. Changi Airport, Singapore

Changi Airport doesn't keep you cooped up while you wait for your flight. You can explore five different nature trails during your time at the airport, including a rooftop cactus garden and a butterfly enclosure.

5. Incheon Airport, South Korea / Creative Commons

Incheon is a massive airport with plenty to keep you busy, including a golf course and cinema, but the most important thing to squeeze in on a layover in Seoul is a spin around the airport's indoor ice rink, Ice Forest.

6. Chicago O'Hare Airport, Illinois

Flickr: jsjgeology

It's hard to miss the four story brontosaurus skeleton on display at the Chicago O'Hare Airport. The 72-foot long skeleton is on loan to O'Hare Terminal 1 from Chicago's Field Museum of Natural History, and finding it makes for a good scavenger hunt on a long layover.

7. Helsinki Airport, Finland

The Helsinki Airport is all about making you cosy during a layover. Several lounges throughout the airport offer comfort for a range of budgets. The Almost@Home Lounge takes the cake, with its replication of a private home's lounge and kitchen area. Curl up with a good book from the nearby book exchange and enjoy a snack from the luxury homestyle kitchen.


11. Athens Airport, Greece

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You can soak up Greek history without ever leaving the airport (though you should probably see the Acropolis since you're so close anyway). The airport has a "mini-museum" featuring archaeological findings dating back to the Byzantium era, so ditch the old in-flight magazine and check out the unique collection.