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    Here Are The Absolute Best Ways To Waste Time This Week

    What to read, watch, eat, and more.

    Rebecca Hendin / Getty / BuzzFeed

    1. Watch UnReal.


    If you loved Fleabag and haven't turned on to UnReal yet, this one's for you. The comedy on this show is so depressingly dark I'm not entirely sure it's ever actually funny, but somehow it's impossible to look away from. This is mostly thanks to compelling AF performances by Shiri Appleby and Constance Zimmer who play deeply, deeply (no like seriously DEEPLY) flawed women. The show itself is a satirical look at reality matchmaking shows, and asks a lot of interesting and uncomfortable questions on sexism between women, intersectional feminism, and what it means to be a powerful women in the male-dominated entertainment industry.

    Seasons 1 & 2 are currently available on Amazon Prime in the UK.

    If UnReal doesn't sound like your jam, check out the charming and recently-added-to-Netflix-UK film, Laggies .

    2. Read The Good Immigrant.


    Jasmin says: "So many parts of it are incredibly relatable to growing up BAME in Britain, it covers a wide range of topics and experiences to do with race and absolutely everyone should read it. Even if you don't relate to everything, it's still worth reading as all the essays are so beautifully written." Read an excerpt here.

    Buy a full copy here.

    Or check out this gorgeous essay.

    3. Listen to this killer October playlist.


    Emma's October aesthetic includes lots of layers, black humour, and this stellar soundtrack. Well-rounded and including old faves and new releases, this list is bound to get you in the autumnal mood.

    Alternatively, Craig David just put out some Spotify Sessions.

    4. Play A Dark Room.


    Earlier this week BuzzFeed editors reccomended their favorite games, and Natalie Brown's review got me hooked: "The game is really a playable short story — which is why I love it so much, those are my favorite kind of games — where you slowly build your world, click by click on the desktop, tap by tap on your phone. You gather wood, you build a village, you take care of the people in your village. It sounds simple, but it’s as addicting as Candy Crush."

    Get it for iOS or play in in a browser window here.

    Check out the rest of the recommendations here.


    Ellie Holland / BuzzFeed

    Rich and autumnal, this dessert is an October weekend MUST. Plus there's apples in it, so it's basically healthy, right?

    Recipe here.

    For a simple savoury dinner, check out this 5 ingredient pesto pasta.

    6. Try some new stationery.

    7. Follow @daily_frenchie on Instagram.

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