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    7 Excellent Ways To Kill Time This Week

    What to watch, play, read, and eat.

    Rebecca Hendin / Thinkstock / BuzzFeed

    1. Watch Roadies.


    I picked up this show last week and watched all 8 episodes in a couple of days. Created by Cameron Crowe and starring Luke Wilson and Imogen Poots, it's a light and lovely hour-long dramedy with just enough to keep you going but never enough to stress you out, which I really appreciate between intense episodes of Mr Robot, for instance.

    But what's REALLY great about Roadies is the soundtrack and musical guests – you'll have to suspend your disbelief that the fictional Staten-House Band somehow always has a new, well-known opening act for every show on their tour, but it's worth it for acoustic Halsey sets and killer performances from John Mellencamp, Reignwolf, The Head and the Heart, Lucius, and more. (Also Rafe Spall's equally pitiful yet annoying AF puppy dog eyes have quickly cemented themselves as a national treasure).

    Watch it on Amazon Prime.

    Alternatively and also, The Great British Bake Off kicked off on Thursday, so WATCH. THIS. SPACE.

    2. Read This Modern Love by Will Darbyshire


    This funny, honest, and sometimes heart-wrenching collection of letters and essays about what it means to be in (or out of) love in today's world is simply lovely. What's especially nice is that it can be consumed in bite-sized pieces – submission lengths vary and you can flip through to find one to match the time you have to read.

    Buy a copy here.

    Or enjoy Odd and the Frost Giants, a stunning team up from Neil Gaiman and Children's Laureate Chris Riddell.

    3. Listen to NPR's Tiny Desk Concert series.

    View this video on YouTube

    Ailbhe has been going through the archives of this NPR treasure lately, and I've followed suit. Catch your favourite musicians performing stripped down sets behind a desk at the NPR office and enjoy the chilled, work-friendly vibe.

    See the archive here.

    But if you still haven't checked out Frank Ocean's new album, let me insist you do that first.

    4. Play Lifeline.

    Google Play

    This Choose Your Own Adventure-style game is the perfect alternative to fast-paced or mindless click-heavy apps. Get into the story and guide it with your choices for a super engaging and more relaxed play experience.

    Get it for iOS and Android.

    Or focus on Symmetrain, an intense spot the difference game.

    5. Cook these halloumi fries.

    Proper Tasty

    If deep fried cheese doesn't do it for you, I honestly don't know what will. This basic recipe is quick to put together but feels like such a novelty that you're bound to impress anybody who's come over to share them with you (though I would not blame you for doing this alone so you have to share with no one).

    Get the recipe here.

    Alternatively, try working with more veg on your menu with these easy meals.

    6. Try making these DIY bath bombs.

    What better way to zone out than by making yourself a treat and enjoying it in the bath? This cool recipe will help you whip up a soothing bath bomb and the best part is, if you make a mess, you're hopping in a nice, relaxing bath to wash it off right after anyway.

    Find out how to make them here.

    Or spice things up with one of these ;)

    7. Follow @pippadarling2010

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