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7 Cool Things You Should Check Out This Week

What to watch, read, play, and more.

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1. Watch Reign.


So look. Reign is neither ambitious nor historically accurate, but trust me, it's the marathon watch you didn't know you were missing. This reimagining of the French royal court circa the times of Mary Queen of Scots is a strange and wonderful masterpiece combining elements of The Tudors, Game of Thrones, and Gossip Girl. It's weird and a little bit baffling. I don't know how to explain it and I don't know what to say except that it's PRIME binging material because it requires very little of your brain, does not require pausing for bathroom breaks, and yet is somehow incredibly compelling.

And do you know, I actually learned a shit-ton about 16th-century France, Scotland, and England by watching it because I kept having to google all of the things that didn't seem quite right.

Watch it on Netflix UK here.

If you're just not one for some trashy telly, there's that little thing called the Olympics happening at the moment, or there's always my tried-and-true fave, Arrested Development.

2. Read The Loney.


Costa's book of the year is a frightfully good read from debut novelist Andrew Michael Hurley. The modern gothic tale follows the strange events that unfold on a family's religious pilgrimage to the coast of northwest England. Full of mystery and psychological thrills, it's a deeply atmospheric book that will transport you instantly (and maybe keep you up at night).

Buy a copy here.

If you'd prefer something a little shorter, this essay about hiking the Appalachian Trail is ace.

3. Listen to For All We Know by NAO.

RCA Records

Gena recommends "everyone and their mum listen to NAO's new album For All We Know. It's very chill and perfect to listen to at work. Plus she has the voice of an angel."

I have already followed Gena's advice, and she's so, so right. Cannot yet speak for my mum.

Listen on Spotify here.

Looking for something chattier? Rebecca recommends the new comedy serial Marscorp.


4. Play Zen Koi.


This delightful little game is perfect for chilling out. You can zone out without no pressure while raising some lovely, fish and maybe even helping them become dragons (!!!). It's not complex or fast-paced, making it a perfect before bed wind-down.

Get it for iOS and Android.

If you need something with a bit more action, Duel Otters is a great multiplayer.

5. Cook these gin-and-tonic truffles.

Proper Tasty

Delicious. Boozy. Bitesized. What more could you want from the perfect end-of-the-day treat? Lose yourselves in whipping up these zesty, indulgent bites, and then lose yourself again when you get to enjoy the end result.

Get the recipe here.

If you want dinner first, this chicken fajita bake is a sure bet.

6. Try a new fitness class.

Matthew Tucker / BuzzFeed

If you've got some energy but loathe the treadmill, don't we all, why not combine some social activity with some physical activity by trying out a new fitness class craze? Tolani just picked up a weights based class at her local gym: "I actually felt like I got endorphins after, which never happens."

If you're in London looking for a class, there are some really, really fun and bizarre options.

If you don't do group fitness (a fair stance), why not keep your hands busy with a cute and fun DIY project?

7. Follow @mrjackbaker.

Our resident food-and-drink expert, Emma, says: "MrJackBaker is a still relatively unknown foodie account. H’s a food photographer rather than a blogger, and he shoots the most ​*amazing*​ pics of everything he eats around London. If you live in London, or are visiting in the near future, you must follow him."

Follow @mrjackbaker here.

If you can't stand to ogle food you can't eat, try piquing your wanderlust with @traveldaily.