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46 Things That Prove Norway Is A Real Life Fairy Tale

It's basically a real life fairy tale.

1. Because the sunset looks like this.

Flickr: 113648254@N02 / Creative Commons

2. And this is the view after dark.

Flickr: claudiaregina_cc / Creative Commons

3. Norway's natural beauty is second to none.

Flickr: bvi4092 / Creative Commons

4. And its unique man-made landmarks are just as fascinating.

Flickr: claudiomoderini / Creative Commons

5. It's full of gorgeous rivers and creeks.

Flickr: fcnikon / Creative Commons

6. Like this one.

Flickr: fcnikon / Creative Commons

7. Or this one.

Flickr: tusken91 / Creative Commons

8. The west border is one long, gorgeous view of the the Norwegian Sea.

Getty Images/iStockphoto Meybruck

9. Because not even cloudy skies can dull down Norway's beauty.

Flickr: stendueland / Creative Commons

10. And cold weather only makes it more stunning.

Flickr: bichologo_errante / Creative Commons

11. Because this is the view on the train from Oslo to Bergen.

Flickr: jenni40947 / Creative Commons

12. The landscape will leave you awestruck.

Flickr: jarkko / Creative Commons

13. You'll be completely be lost for words looking at a scene like this.

Flickr: ziobill / Creative Commons

14. And nothing gets more beautiful than the Northern Lights over snowy mountains.

Flickr: cfaobam / Creative Commons

15. Because the setting of Frozen was inspired by Norway.

Flickr: 57066945@N08 / Creative Commons

16. And Elsa has OBVIOUSLY been here.

Flickr: randihausken / Creative Commons

17. There are plenty of interesting places to explore.

Flickr: leshaines123 / Creative Commons

18. And amazing views to be had.

Flickr: vigor / Creative Commons

19. There are ICE CAVES.

Getty Images/iStockphoto BjornStefanson

20. And as beautiful it is in the wintertime...

Flickr: saipal / Creative Commons

21. You don't want to miss the summer view either.

Flickr: fcnikon / Creative Commons

22. Its countryside is like stepping into a story book.

Flickr: vigor / Creative Commons

23. And Norway's cities are sprawling and full of life.

Flickr: trodel / Creative Commons

24. The mountains are just begging to be climbed.

Flickr: martindelusenet / Creative Commons

25. And who wouldn't want to trade places with this girl right now?

Flickr: tfjensen / Creative Commons

26. The forests in Norway are pulled straight from a fantasy epic.

Flickr: randihausken / Creative Commons

27. And the skylines are colourful and unique.

Flickr: leshaines123 / Creative Commons

28. You can look across the water and see this.

Flickr: 34179117@N00 / Creative Commons

29. Even the shacks in Norway qualify as dream homes with views like this.

Flickr: jarkko / Creative Commons

30. Reflections in the water mean you always see double the beautiful.

Flickr: randihausken / Creative Commons

31. Because no photo can do this justice.

Flickr: retu0w / Creative Commons

32. Because the countryside will feel like home.

Flickr: 12587661@N06 / Creative Commons

33. You simply have to see this, because how else can you even believe it's real?

Flickr: claudiaregina_cc / Creative Commons

34. There are just so many beautiful waterfalls.

Flickr: crowbared / Creative Commons

35. And so many new friends to make.

Flickr: vigor / Creative Commons

36. Just imagine how peaceful it would be to live here.

Flickr: bvi4092 / Creative Commons

37. And to see this on the regular.

Flickr: saipal / Creative Commons

38. Because you might even like fishing if you did it here.

Getty Images/iStockphoto kotangens

39. Because you must breathe the air in this spot.

Getty Images/iStockphoto Alex_Ishchenko

40. And see the stars from right here.

Getty Images/iStockphoto inigofotografia

41. Because waves freeze in Norway and look like this.

Getty Images/iStockphoto AndreAnita

42. And the cliffs and waterfalls are just stunning.

Flickr: hbarrison / Creative Commons

43. Because you can see places like this in the middle of Oslo.

Flickr: fcnikon / Creative Commons

44. Because you can live on this island, surrounded by beautiful Norway, and NEVER LEAVE.

Flickr: hbarrison / Creative Commons

45. You basically can't take a bad picture in Norway.

Flickr: paszczak000 / Creative Commons

46. If magic exists, it lives here.

Getty Images/iStockphoto JanMiko

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