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28 Literary Accessories All Book Lovers Must Have

Wear your reading list on your sleeve.

1. This Harry Potter copper cuff set.

2. This Narnian necklace.

3. This leather band is perfect for Tolkien fans.

4. These literary gloves.

5. This The Fault in Our Stars necklace.

6. Put a sample from their favourite book in a ring.

7. This library card scarf.

8. Or this one, with prints from Anna Karenina.

9. This hobbit hole necklace.

10. These Sherlock studs.

11. Hamlet's soliloquy on a tie.

12. A Jane Eyre book pendant.

13. This To Kill a Mockingbird bracelet.

14. She'll love this Mr. Darcy necklace most ardently.

15. This tear-jerking Harry Potter bracelet.

16. This booklovers' life motto necklace.

17. These Great Gatsby cufflinks.

18. Or these, straight from Middle Earth.

19. This Silvia Plath inspired charm necklace.

20. A Penguin Classics ring.

21. This Douglas Adams keychain.

22. This Mockingjay bracelet.

23. These Canterbury Tales earrings.

24. This Looking For Alaska domino charm.

25. Or this one, from The Perks of Being a Wallflower.

26. These Peter Pan hair pins.

27. This Cheshire Cat ring.

28. A faction cuff.