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    32 Instagrams That Will Make You Feel Less Shitty About Everything

    Follow your bliss.

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    Anyone who's ever stayed in bed scrolling Instagram when they should have been getting ready for work (read: all of us) knows that sometimes your feed makes you feel like this:


    But other times it can make you feel like this:


    So all this year, we've been reccomending excellent accounts to follow for anyone who wants to add a little dash of happiness, zen, or helpfulness to their scrolling time.


    There's something for everyone: dog lovers, make-up addicts, art junkies, foodies, and everything in between.

    Here's some of our favourites to get you started:

    1. @me_and_orla

    2. @mrjackbaker

    3. @darrylljones

    4. @mrpickles_and_bella

    5. @tommylenk

    6. @moshoodat

    7. @highlighteronpoint

    8. @globemakers

    9. @yoyoha

    10. @studiodiy

    11. @fjamie013

    12. @rubyetc

    13. @gypsea_lust

    14. @thehairhistorian

    15. @cocoaswatches

    16. @trotterpup

    17. @girlgazeproject

    18. @beautifulbooze

    19. @starlit_makeup

    20. @tasteofstreep

    21. @mrstreetpeeper

    22. @gerardos

    23. @gabriel_held

    24. @willitlookgoodonmetho

    25. @chris_riddell

    26. @petstylistt

    27. @eyebrowtutorial

    28. @katelavie

    29. @melaniin.goddess

    30. @kweilz

    31. @museelouvre

    32. @penpapersoul

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