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32 Instagrams That Will Make You Feel Less Shitty About Everything

Follow your bliss.

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Anyone who's ever stayed in bed scrolling Instagram when they should have been getting ready for work (read: all of us) knows that sometimes your feed makes you feel like this:


But other times it can make you feel like this:


So all this year, we've been reccomending excellent accounts to follow for anyone who wants to add a little dash of happiness, zen, or helpfulness to their scrolling time.


There's something for everyone: dog lovers, make-up addicts, art junkies, foodies, and everything in between.

Here's some of our favourites to get you started:

1. @me_and_orla

For a digital escape, consider one of the most charming and lovely-looking Instagrammers out there. Sara is a writer and freelancer based in Yorkshire, and her stunning snaps of her morning routine, her daughter Orla, her clothes, her walks in the woods, and so many flowers offer a mini retreat to the countryside, and couldn’t we all use one of those?

2. @mrjackbaker

Our resident food-and-drink expert, Emma, says: “MrJackBaker is a still relatively unknown foodie account. He’s a food photographer rather than a blogger, and he shoots the most ​*amazing*​ pics of everything he eats around London. If you live in London, or are visiting in the near future, you must follow him.”

3. @darrylljones

Photographer Darryl Jones, uses his toy Stormtrooper to create hilarious photoshoots. Eric is a sensitive Stormtrooper who enjoys chess, motorbiking and painting.

4. @mrpickles_and_bella

Bella (pictured above in all her perfection) and Mr Pickles are the beloved pets of British illustrator Gemma Correll. They’re just two adorable pugs with hilarious faces and I swear to god Bella is my Patronus.

5. @tommylenk

Actor Tom Lenk recreates celebrity fashion looks using items from around his house, it’s so creative and it looks pretty cool.

6. @moshoodat

Moshoodat Sanni, a 24-year-old makeup artist, created these images to showcase black beauty. This image and the many more in the project are so striking and definitely worth checking out.

7. @highlighteronpoint

That highlight tho. If you appreciate good highlight skills then you should get following highlighteronpoint. It’s just stunning pictures of people who know how to apply highlight.

8. @globemakers

This dreamy Instagram account is the perfect inspiration for wanderlust. Bellerby & Co Globemakers, one of the last traditional globemakers in the world, showcase their stunning work and I don’t know what it is about there images but they just make me feel so calm.

9. @yoyoha

This cartoonist turns coffee cups into comics and it will definitely brighten up your mornings.

10. @studiodiy

Kelly Lanza, the woman behind this page, knows her shit when it comes to DIY. Her Instagram is dedicated to colourful, cheerful projects, including this delightful ugly sweater cake.

11. @fjamie013

Instagram: @fjamie013

This Instagram feed is hilarious. James Fridman is a designer who gets photoshop requests from people and he fulfills them, very literally. It’s a work of art really.

12. @rubyetc

Ruby Elliot is a London-based illustrator who shares cartoons and illustrations about mental health and everyday life. Her work is funny, honest and very true.

13. @gypsea_lust

Yes, we would like to travel the world and life our best lives, but we can’t afford it, and that’s why this page is worth a follow. This blogger takes the most beautiful pictures of her travels around the world.

14. @thehairhistorian

Laura reccomended this one, saying: “Before Instagram was a fine source of hair inspiration, hundreds of years of fine art were doing a pretty solid job of painting the kind of wondrous locks you can’t help but wish were your own. The Hair Historian, which brings you daily beauty updates from art history, is combining old and new gloriously and proving that paint really was the first Snapchat filter.”

“TL;DR: The pre-Raphaelites are hair goals.”

15. @cocoaswatches

This is for every dark skin person who has gone through the struggle of looking for a foundation that suits their skin tone. The Cocoa Swatches page shows makeup swatches on dark complexions and it’s a Godsend.

16. @trotterpup

Possibly the most fashionable French Bulldog you will ever see. Plus he has a killer hat collection.

17. @girlgazeproject

This reccomendation comes from Maggy, who says: “I’ve been obsessed with an Instagram called Girlgaze which is all about supporting young female photographers.

“The account first started as a hashtag then Amanda de Cadenet (the British photographer and TV personality) expanded it into this massive support network for female artists – they have exhibitions now as well! A lot of the work featured on their Instagram has to do with sexuality, body image, mental health, grief, and just simply being a woman.”

Follow here.

18. @beautifulbooze

This page is what what dreams are made of. Cocktail stylist and party planner Natalie Migliarini’s Instagram feed is full of beautifully made alcoholic drinks. This bourbon oreo milkshake is bringing all the boys to the yard.

19. @starlit_makeup

​This crazy talented makeup artist created magical beauty looks inspired by all the signs in the zodiac. Her skills are amazing and her whole Instagram is makeup goals.

20. @tasteofstreep

So yeah. It’s photos of Queen Meryl poorly photoshopped on the food and then overlayed onto horrible textures. What else can I say. It’s the Marmite of social accounts, but I for one, am hooked.

21. @mrstreetpeeper

All fashion lovers know that the best style comes from the streets, and Phil O, the photographer behind this page knows how to capture it. Check it out if you’re looking for fashion inspiration or if you just love looking at pictures of well dressed people.

22. @gerardos

Instagram: @gerardos

As a way to deal with depression, Gerardo challenged himself to post a picture a day, every day for 30 days. It’s his way of getting out and exploring his city, the results are beautiful and definitely worth checking out.

23. @gabriel_held

Labeled “the king of the throwback,” stylist and vintage dealer Gabriel Held posts beautiful fashion images from back in the day. Just look at this stunning throwback of Naomi Campbell.

24. @willitlookgoodonmetho

BFFs Piaget Ventus and Michelle Meredith are behind this page and they show what the same lipstick shade looks like on their different skin tones. It’s so helpful!

25. @chris_riddell

The UK Children’s Laureate is just such a delight on Instagram, where he posts regular sketches #nofilter. From funny animals to stunning portraits of people on the train, to illustrated event notes, his feed is never boring and always good looking.

26. @petstylistt

Flo tipped me off about this “weird Instagram account of a pet hair dresser that blew my mind for different reasons.” It will in fact blow your mind.

27. @eyebrowtutorial

Anyone who is slightly obsessed with eyebrows knows that getting the perfect brows is a struggle and a work of art. So IF you just fancy looking at perfect eyebrows, then you should check this out.

28. @katelavie

Instagram: @kate

Kate’s Instagram page will satisfy all your minimalist, beauty dreams. Among the snaps of her beautifully decorated house, and her stunning food arrangements, are her beauty recommendations, which range from skincare to makeup.

29. @melaniin.goddess

Khoudia Diop is an Instagram star and rightly so. She was mocked about her skin colour for years, but she is now embracing all her glorious melanin.

30. @kweilz

This mother and daughter duo are goals. They wear matching outfits and take the cutest mirror selfies. Have a look at this if you want to see more adorable kids dressed like their parents.

31. @museelouvre

There’s no better way to combat the endless stream of FOMO-inducing snaps from your friends, or you know, babies, than to load your feed up with art. Get started by following the Louvre, which posts a mixture of artwork and stunning views around the museum. It’s so refreshing.

32. @penpapersoul

This page will inspire you to get your whole life together. It’s filled with pictures of really impressive journals and just looking at them will make you feel more organised.