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26 Totally Legitimate Thoughts Every Introvert Has Had

*cough* I'm sick.

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1. Pretending like you already have plans when you're invited to something.


Me: Oh no! I'm so gutted to miss it but I'm totally booked up that night 😭😭😭

Me, really: *sneakily smiling internally*


10. Putting more energy into avoiding a phone call than the energy it would take to just make it.

People who like talking on the phone can't be trusted.

11. Hogging the bathroom at a party so you can -recharge-.

This "introvert at a party" starter pack πŸ˜‚

Ditto for the house pet if there is one.


13. Getting all sweaty when you're stood next to a colleague at the coffee machine and trying to figure out how rude it is not to say anything.

Know Your Meme

It's not that you don't wish them well, it IS that you can't be bothered to be like "Waiting for water to boil, am I right?"

15. Wondering how you'll ever get ahead in life if the idea of -networking- makes you want to vom.

I always feel like a hostage negotiator whenever someone starts particularly vapid small talk with me: "listen, you don't have to do this."

Realistically you know you need other people to do, well, anything. But that doesn't mean you have to like it.


17. Hoarding emergency snacks in your room in case your flatmates have people over and you just can't deal.

Spencer Althouse / BuzzFeed

Is there anything worse than going into the kitchen in your dressing gown to find people drinking wine and laughing?

18. Taking a nap after every social interaction.

Other people are just. so. exhausting.

20. Fantasizing about winning the lottery, buying a cabin in the woods, and becoming a self-sufficient hermit.

You have a Pinterest board full of secluded cottages, if you're being honest.


26. Remembering how funny you are in your own head and how much you love your own company and breathing a big sigh of relief.

After all, you're most at home in your own skin, and that's pretty damn exceptional.