26 Bookshelves That Will Give You Serious Goals

    Happy World Book Day!

    1. This classy display for anyone who ever loved the Beauty and the Beast library.

    2. This actual dream of a bedroom.

    3. This inspiring home office is what every writer needs.

    4. This comfy and colourful hangout.

    5. This stunning floor-to-ceiling collection.

    6. This stylish spiral.

    7. This gorgeous specimen.

    8. This home office skylight.

    9. This cosy AF bedroom.

    10. This dreamily laid out shelf.

    11. This old-fashioned, romantic design.

    12. This modern piece.

    13. This eye-catching reading room.

    14. This cheery collection.

    15. This perfect hearth.

    16. This perfectly cluttered library.

    17. This cool and calm corner piece.

    18. This organised masterpiece.

    19. These magical stacks.

    20. This rustic display.

    21. This super stylish reading wall.

    22. This rainbow shelf.

    23. This fairy-lit delight.

    24. Or this one.

    25. This absolute fantasy.

    26. This #nookgoal.