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26 Bookshelves That Will Give You Serious Goals

Happy World Book Day!

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1. This classy display for anyone who ever loved the Beauty and the Beast library.

Instagram: @the_smell_of_old_pages

3. This inspiring home office is what every writer needs.

Instagram: @suttonchao

4. This comfy and colourful hangout.

Instagram: @bravolondonltd

5. This stunning floor-to-ceiling collection.

Instagram: @besteverbookshelves

11. This old-fashioned, romantic design.

Instagram: @arthurchayka

16. This perfectly cluttered library.

Instagram: @taiyoholic

17. This cool and calm corner piece.

Instagram: @stellette_reads

18. This organised masterpiece.

Instagram: @for

21. This super stylish reading wall.

Instagram: @foxglovex

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