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25 Unique Gifts Music Lovers Will Want To Keep For Themselves

"Music is what feelings sound like."

1. Commission some cymbal art.

Artist and drummer Josh Stadlen creates and sells gorgeous portraits on drum cymbals.

2. This pillow that just says it all.

3. This recycled string bracelet.

This simple accessory is made from a recycled bass guitar string and is great for men and women.

4. Or a recycled vinyl ring.

This ring is moulded from a recycled vinyl LP.

5. A personalised guitar pick.

6. Or a Pick Cutter for unlimited picks.

7. This epic bucket list of a book.

8. Vintage band posters.

A vintage poster of your loved one's favourite band is a thoughtful and singular gift that's infused with history and their personal style.

9. This music notes map.

10. Or this map, made from old sheet music.

11. How about these handcrafted record dividers?

12. Or these easy-access vinyl frames.

These clever record frames display album art and make it easy to store and access vinyls.

13. Signed merchandise.

Bonus points if your music lover plays an instrument and you can find them an autographed instrument!

14. This sheet music bangle.

15. This cigar box guitar kit.

If you know a music-loving DIYer, this Build Your Own Cigar Box Guitar Kit will be a solid winner on Christmas morning.

16. This handcrafted, portable music stand.

This wooden stand is great for sheet music, easily folds for travel, and can also be used as a laptop desk.

17. You could frame their favourite song.

Frame the lyrics of their favourite song in a shadow box for a unique and meaningful piece of decor.

18. Or a personalised soundwaves print.

Have their favourite song transcribed into soundwaves for a stunning visual and musical piece.

19. These musical measuring spoons.

These cute kitchen accessories are the perfect gift for music lovers and foodies.

20. This indie rock-inspired cookbook.

Combine with the musical measuring spoons for a seriously special gift.

21. This refurbished vintage radio.

This retro radio is equipped with Bluetooth.

22. This leather and copper guitar strap.

23. This scarf.

24. Design a USB mixtape.

Fill up this USB with a personalised playlist and pop it back into its mix cassette tape case for a thoughtful throwback gift.

25. Take the cake with this showerhead that is also a SPEAKER.

You're welcome.