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    24 Breathtaking British Wedding Venues

    Happily ever after starts now.

    1. The Lodge on Loch Goil, Scotland

    A woodland princess's dreams come true at this adorable and romantic spot on Lake Goil. And yes, small weddings can take place inside the Tree House. Find out more here.

    2. Nymans Gardens, Sussex

    Combining ethereal architecture and natural beauty, Nymans Gardens surrounds the timeless ruins of an gothic manor, destroyed by fire in 1947. Find our more here.

    3. Scotney Castle, Kent

    This 14th century moated castle is the ideal for a fairy-tale country wedding. Add a beautiful walled garden and what more could you ask for? Find out more here.

    4. Chatsworth House, Derbyshire

    The ancestral home to the Duke of Devonshire, Chatworth House is one of the most elegant and luxurious venues in Britain. Find out more here.

    5. Cameron House, Scotland

    Cameron House is built on the banks of Loch Lomond and offers a delightfully misty and enchanted atmosphere. Find out more here.

    6. Montacute House, Somerset

    More stately than cute, this 16th century country house is a unique mixture of Gothic and Renaissance Classical architecture. To add to its class and aesthetic, Montacute boasts a well-curated art collection, and often houses pieces owned by the National Gallery. Find out more here.

    7. Mussenden Temple, Northern Ireland

    If this stunning cliffside temple didn't pique your romantic side enough, its cameo in Game of Thrones is bound to catch your attention. Find out more here.

    8. Castle Campbell, Scotland

    Surrounded by gorges on either side, this medieval fortress has a stunning view and gorgeous, lush grounds for an enchanting wedding. Find out more here.

    9. Tylney Hall, Hampshire

    This Victorian-era mansion is steeped with romance, from its sweeping architecture to its creeping vines. Find out more here.

    10. Sudeley Castle, Cotswolds

    Sudeley Castle is over a thousand years old, and is perhaps good luck for an enduring marriage, as it's the burial place to Katharine Parr, Henry VIII's last wife. Find out more here.

    11. Chiddingstone Castle, Kent

    Chiddingstone Castle has undergone multiple renovations since it was first built in the Tudor era, but none has ever seen full completion, giving this venue a unique, time travelling aesthetic. Find our more here.

    12. Peckforton Castle, Cheshire

    Built in the 19th century and inspired by medieval architecture, the towers and lovely arched windows of Peckforton Castle are fit for a legendary romance. Find out more here.

    13. Mount Stuart, Scotland

    Mount Stuart is an excellent venue for book lovers and history buffs, and the perfect place to preserve a memory - the 18th century, neo-gothic construction is now home to vast private collections, archives, and libraries with over 25,000 books, records, letters, and photos on site. Find out more here.

    14. Wrest Park House and Gardens, Bedford

    92 acres of garden surround this French-style country house, combining all elements for a positively enchanting ceremony. Find out more here.

    15. Bolsover Castle, Derbyshire

    Ancient and stately, Bolsover was founded in the 12th century. Coupled with a penchant for history will enjoy the landmark's part throughout medieval crown squabbles and the English Civil War. Find out more here.

    16. Melrose Abbey, Scotland

    Thought to be the burial place of 14th century Scottish king Robert the Bruce's heart, the haunting and beautiful Melrose Abbey has a timeless and eternal quality ideal for a romantic wedding. Find our more here.

    17. Combe House, Devon

    This quaint and cozy Elizabethan manor is an idyllic wedding getaway. Find out more here.

    18. Newstead Abbey, Nottingham

    A beautiful 12th century abbey equipped with a Romeo and Juliet style balcony should be more than enough, but Newstead is simply dripping in romance. The abbey was home to poet Lord Byron for 6 years in the 19th century. Find out more here.

    19. Ackergill Tower, Scotland

    Overlooking the Sinclair Bay, this 15th century stronghold has withstood the test of time and conflict - not a bad place to start your marriage. Find out more here.

    20. Augill Castle, Cumbria

    This gothic, turreted masterpiece is spacious and grand, but also has a homey, signature personality thanks to the current hosts, who live on the premises. Find out more here.

    21. Hopetoun House, Scotland

    On the outskirts of Edinburgh, you'll find the positively gorgeous Hopetoun House. Equipped with a spacious front lawn and lush walled garden, it's perfect for a big wedding reception. Find out more here.

    22. Stoke Rochford Hall, Lincolnshire

    This Victorian mansion and gardens offer a stately and elegant venue, and features a beautiful and airy open-ceilinged ceremony hall. Find out more here.

    23. Comlongon Castle, Scotland

    This 15th century castle near Gretna is a charming venue for both undoor and outdoor ceremonies. For couples who want a variety of attendee, Comlongon is said to be haunted by the ghost of Lady Marion for Curruthers, the daughter of a 16th century Scottish nobleman. Find out more here.

    24. Allerton Castle, Yorkshire

    This gothic castle in Yorkshire is our most Hogwarts-y choice, and has been ranked the one of the best wedding venues in northern England. Find out more here.