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    24 Last-Minute Cards Your Valentine Will Love

    Love (and ink) is all you need.

    1. For the Ross to your Rachel.

    2. For the one who just drives you crazy.

    3. For your wild thing.

    4. For that person who just gets you.

    5. For your tweetheart.

    6. For a true friend.

    7. For a potential threesome.

    8. For your geek love.

    9. For your bae, obvi.

    10. For the person you can never stop texting.

    11. For the cutest person you know.

    12. For the Tinder date that finally worked out.

    13. For your sweetheart.

    14. For the Patrick to your Kat.

    15. For your drinking buddy.

    16. For your superhero.

    17. For the one who knows you A-Z.

    18. For the apple of your eye.

    19. For your cuddle buddy.

    20. For the one who appreciates a crafty pun.

    21. For the kid at heart.

    22. For the one who lights you up.

    23. For your one true love.

    24. For who?