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23 Secrets Lazy Couples Won't Tell You

You had me at "let's take a nap."

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3. But staying home = hanging out with your favourite person.

You can do literally anything you want.

4. In your favourite bed.

You don't even have to put clothes on.


6. And bingeworthy TV that you can pause WHENEVER YOU WANT for cuddle breaks and naps.

This is called living the dream.

8. Especially if there are spas and jacuzzis and room service.

No one appreciates breakfast in bed more than you guys.


10. You two know that daily life is more than enough work.

Are you really supposed to make regular sweeping romantic gestures on top of making it through the day?

12. But are also always secretly wishing your partner was way less lazy than you.


How great would it be if your partner just happened to LOVE organising the fridge so that you could spend less time finding food and more time eating it in the bed?


13. You spend every morning waiting out the alarm, hoping the other one will get up first.

"It's your alarm."

"Before sunrise it's YOUR alarm."


20. Most of your message threads are emojis.

you: 🍕

them: 📺

🙌 🙌 🙌