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22 Reasons You Should Fall In Love With A French Person

Voulez-vous coucher avec moi ce soir?

1. First of all, there's the cheese.

2. Then there's the wine.

3. And the pastries.

4. Oh, God, the pastries.

One can never have enough macaroons on a romantic picnic dans le parc.

5. Let's not forget bread.

6. Basically all the food.

7. But let's give them some credit, there's more to French people than food, right?

8. French people are pretty much the best.

9. They're beautiful.

Who wouldn't want to have their babies?

10. They're well-travelled and worldly.

All of Europe is easily accessible from France, and the French are excellent at taking advantage of their holiday opportunities.

11. They're great conversationalists.

12. They have adorable and/or sexy accents.

Which means you'll learn to be a very good listener.

13. They have great taste.

Whether you're talking art, fashion, film, or food, the French know what's up.

14. They value balance.

15. They're not into drama.

16. But they are into art.

There are 204 museums in Paris alone, plus a hearty contemporary art gallery culture. So when you get tired of looking at your French lover's face, just head out to admire some Matisse or Monet for a while.

17. They don't have a dating culture.

18. French parenting sounds pretty great.

Odds are your partner will be raised well, and so will your future bébés mignons.

19. In general, they seem to have relationships figured out.

20. They're environmentally conscious.

France has always played a large role in pushing environmental policies through the EU parliament, but even on an everyday level, the French tend to source local foods, compost regularly, and purchase environmentally friendly vehicles.

21. They're indulgent.

Let us all eat cake!

22. Which means there is SO MUCH FOOD.

And, if we haven't made it clear, French food = automatic love.