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    The Only List You Need If You Still Haven't Done Your Christmas Shopping

    Gifts guaranteed to make it before Santa does.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.

    1. Blue Planet: The Collection on DVD

    This brilliant set includes both series and is bound to keep its recipient busy on Boxing Day.

    Get it for £14.99.

    2. Stylish, stainless copper wine glasses.

    This good looking gift spells "class" with a capital C and "wine" with a capital "YES PLEASE."

    Get a set of 2 for £27.99.

    3. A solid pair of bluetooth headphones.

    For your friend who's into tunes and more importantly, tuning other people out.

    Get them for £18.99 here.

    4. A potato chipper.

    Tell me, is there a more perfect gift than one that keeps on giving chips?

    Get it for £15.95.

    5. A Kindle Fire tablet

    This affordable and durable tablet is perfect for your friends who love binging on books just as much as love binging on Netflix.

    Get it for £34.99.

    6. This aromatherapy diffuser.

    Just because Christmas is coming to an end, that doesn't mean you can't keep the smell of mulled wine floating around the house for months to come.

    Get it for £18.29.

    7. A very serious bottle of Scotch.

    For Ron Swanson, or your friend who once got Ron Swanson on a "Which Parks and Rec character are you?" quiz. Or, you know, for your dad.

    Get it for £30.

    8. A compact and hilarious card game.

    This handy game travels well and is built for 2-5 players, just make sure you're playing with people who have a sense of humour.

    Get it for £19.99.

    9. A sturdy weekender bag.

    Give your friend who always travels a little to light the convenience of a little extra space and loads more style.

    Get it for £23.99.

    10. This stylish, insulated water bottle.

    For your obnoxiously sporty and fashionable friend.

    Get it for £10.99.

    11. A good looking and very reliable phone case.

    Perfect for that clumsy friend who insists on cheap decorative phone cases – this one is seriously protective but also stylish AF.

    Get it for £25.99.

    12. A perfect coffee maker.

    This easily transportable, top-notch coffee maker is the last one your coffee addicted cousin is ever going to need.

    Get it for £23.87.

    13. Or this lovely coffee grinder.

    For anyone who's a disciple of fresh pots.

    Get it for £7.98.

    14. A super lovely candle.

    A clear and calming scent for every friend who's hoping to go into 2018 without 2017's shadow creeping after.

    Get it for £15.49.

    15. A lovely carafe.

    An elegant gift that looks way more expensive than it really is.

    Get it for £8.99.

    16. A reliable, portable bluetooth speaker.

    Big enough for serious sound, small enough to take on holiday.

    Get it for £19.99.

    17. The complete Harry Potter film collection on DVD

    If you know somebody who calls Hogwarts their home, then this is the ultimate gift set for them.

    Get it for £34.99.

    18. A lovely watch gift set.,

    Good looking and thoughtful without much work.

    Get the rose gold set for £28 and the cuff link set for £28.

    19. A customisable light box.

    Perfect your friend who loves a bit of whimsy, or whose fridge is out of poetry magnet space.

    Get it for £14.20.

    20. A limitless cinema card.

    21. This adorable Gin & Tea set.

    For your wild gran, or your friend who acts like one.

    Get it for £30.

    22. A brag-worthy projector.

    For the coolest homebody you know.

    Get it for £66.84.

    23. A Lumie alarm clock.

    For your friend who has legit New Years ambitions.

    Get it for £42.49.