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    23 Dainty Stud Earrings You Can Wear Everyday

    Tiny accessory, big difference.

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    1. Infinity Posts

    2. Mint Rose Gold Dipped Triangle Studs

    3. Tiny Peridot Studs

    4. Rose Gold Knot Posts

    5. Black and Gold Tiny Squares

    6. Vintage Blue Zircon Posts

    7. Teeny Tiny Silver Stars

    8. Sterling Silver Dainty Anchors

    9. Gold Flower Studs With Peridot

    10. Sterling Silver Arrow Studs

    11. Druzy Earrings

    12. Full Circle Posts

    13. Rosewater Vintage Style Small Studs

    14. Ivory Gold Heart Studs

    15. Teeny Tiny Acorn Earrings

    16. Petite Sparrow Earrings

    17. Sunset Tiny Studs

    18. Triangle Studs

    19. Gold Stud Earrings With Opal

    20. Sea Maiden Earrings

    21. Small Wishbone Studs

    22. Sterling Silver Bows

    23. Tiny Moon Studs