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    22 Things You Learn When You Live In A Studio Flat

    Itty bitty living space.

    1. It's still possible to lose things in a very tiny space.


    Your flat will absorb all of your stuff and you will still replace your tweezers 70 times a year.

    2. Using the toilet when there's company is risky.

    Your lounge is 3 inches from your bathroom. Think about it.

    3. Any furniture you want to buy is always just a hair too big to fit.


    Embrace the minimalist lifestyle for your own sanity.

    4. Changing your bed once a week is an absolute necessity.


    Last Thursday's curry will never smell good on your sheets.

    5. And you MUST open your window while you cook.

    Warner Bros.

    So many FUMES.

    6. Basically you should only cook meals you don't mind smelling for days.

    20th Century Fox

    7. You clean more often and more thoroughly.


    Can't have bits from the kitchen cluttering up the bedroom, can't pile up all your dirty clothes on your one chair... guess you'll have to put it all away.

    8. Your books become your furniture.


    Not a bad thing. Unless you're sitting on the one you want to read.

    9. You must choose between a large bed and room to walk around.


    Sleeping well v. at home workout? How do you choose?

    10. The fact that such a small area of space can use up so much electric, heating, and water drives you CRAZY.

    11. You're always surrounded by your favourite things.


    When everything you own is in one space, your favourite book, jumper, or snack can never be too far.

    12. When your kitchen, lounge, and bed are the same place, it's impossible not to snack all the time.


    13. If you don't want to sit in the bed, the toilet is your only other option.



    14. You have to let go of some luxuries.


    Your space is small enough that you don't need massive speakers. Let them go so you have somewhere to put your underwear.

    15. Everything will serve a multiple purpose.

    Weinstein Company


    16. You'll never have to host parties.


    There's no space to invite anyone over, which might feel lonely. Until you realise you don't have throw away anyone's empty beer bottles but your own.

    17. You can hear EVERYTHING.


    God does your neighbour flush the toilet a lot.

    18. Multi-tasking is easy.


    When telly's right next to kitchen counter, it's easy to binge watch and cook up dinner at the same time.

    19. But getting distracted is easy too.


    Sometimes it's best to go to a coffee shop for serious work.

    20. You'll have to get creative with your storage.

    You'll be all over the DIY blogs to figure out a convenient way to store food, socks, and pretty much everything.

    21. You need fresh air.


    Living in a studio = you MUST get some quality outside time or you'll start to feel like a zoo animal.

    22. Size really doesn't matter.


    At the end of the day, it's not about how big or small your place is, it's about how much love and effort you put into making it a comfortable spot for you to spend your time.

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