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21 Secrets Hostel Workers Won't Tell You

Watch out for the showers.

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1. Every night's a party.

Since everyone around you is on holiday, you can fool yourself into thinking you're a free agent on your free hours too. Plus part of your job is showing people a good time, right?

3. And then start work insanely early.

Somebody's got to set up breakfast, change the beds, and clean the toilets before check-in.


5. You meet some really incredible people.

Like the new friends who will totally host you when you visit Spain, or the seasoned backpacker who teaches you a few new hostel hacks, or the guests who buy you drinks.

6. And also some of the worst.


Like the guy who doesn't shower so his whole dorm smells, or that one girl who won't stop talking about how much better the *last* hostel she stayed in was, or the group who drink themselves sick every single night.

7. Free breakfast is the shit.

Breakfast may be basic, but you get a key to a cupboard of UNLIMITED Nutella.


8. And you can live off it for every meal if you're smart.

Who doesn't love breakfast for dinner?


12. Every area is a common area.

Which is great for catching a film in the lounge with friends or chatting with your mate from the cosiness of your bed. But it also means the kitchen always smells like weird food, you wait an hour for a shower, and people are in and out of your (their) bedroom at every hour.

15. And good luck using your day off to Netflix binge.

It's noisy in your room, 70 people are using the Wi-Fi, and your colleagues/roommates are pressuring you to actually do stuff.


16. There's always that one staff couple.


They'll break up every other night, and if they're in the SAME dorm then you get to hear every fight and every make-up. If they're in different rooms, you get to hear a lot of door slamming.

17. And that one guest.

You know the one.

18. You're way underpaid.

A lot of hostel work is cash in hand, which is great if you're travelling without a visa, and for not having to pay tax, but it's usually a lot less than you might make doing so many hours over the table.

21. But you get to be constantly inspired by new cultures, languages, and lifestyles.

Which makes your job a real adventure!