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    21 Secrets Hostel Workers Won't Tell You

    Watch out for the showers.

    1. Every night's a party.

    2. So you always go to bed crazy late.


    If you're not partying with the guests and your colleagues/roommates, you're on the late shift.

    3. And then start work insanely early.

    4. But the beds aren't very comfortable anyway. / Creative Commons

    You get what you pay for, though.

    5. You meet some really incredible people.

    6. And also some of the worst.


    Like the guy who doesn't shower so his whole dorm smells, or that one girl who won't stop talking about how much better the *last* hostel she stayed in was, or the group who drink themselves sick every single night.

    7. Free breakfast is the shit.

    8. And you can live off it for every meal if you're smart.

    9. You eat all your meals at really odd hours.


    You've timed your eating schedule to have to share the kitchen with as few people as possible.

    10. There's nothing worse than a messy guest.

    Twentysomething artists and backpackers live here, NOT YOUR MOTHER.

    11. Except the ones who leave expensive things out to get stolen.

    If they thought their pillowcase was a safer place than the safe you offered them at check-in, there's really not a lot you can do about that.

    12. Every area is a common area.

    13. There's just no such thing as privacy.

    Everyone you work with and most of the people you work for will see you in your underwear, just accept it.

    14. Just pray your room isn't next to a shower.


    That's the closest thing to a private place for ~couple time~.

    15. And good luck using your day off to Netflix binge.

    16. There's always that one staff couple.


    They'll break up every other night, and if they're in the SAME dorm then you get to hear every fight and every make-up. If they're in different rooms, you get to hear a lot of door slamming.

    17. And that one guest.

    18. You're way underpaid.

    19. But you save tons on rent.


    So it evens out, in the end.

    20. People are always coming and going.


    It can get lonely!

    21. But you get to be constantly inspired by new cultures, languages, and lifestyles.

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