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    21 Kinda Boring But Low Key Life-Changing Things To Buy For Your House

    Not a day goes by where I don't thank God for my slow cooker. No joke.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.

    1. A slow cooker.


    I swear by mine and use it at least once a week in the winter, so it's paid for itself tenfold. It's great for soups, batch-cooking rice, curry, cooking tender chicken, pork, and beef, baking potatoes, making kitchen scrap vegetable broth, and even dessert!

    Here's a promising review: "I am a 25yr old university student and it is so easy to just chuck some ingredients in, give it a quick stir and then leave for a few hours to cook. My favourite meals to cook in this are spaghetti bolognese and chilli con carne which I used to cook on the hob but refuse to eat now unless slow cooked!!"

    Get it for £23.86 here.

    2. A good mattress topper.


    I bought one of these for my lousy mattress last year and it was a complete game changer – much cheaper than a new mattress and very easy to roll up and pack when moving.

    Here's a promising review: "Arrived very quickly, no frills, and feels great on my very hard bed. We used it without a mattress cover for a while and it was very comfortable and I couldn't feel the mattress at all underneath the pad. Ultimately I added a mattress cover too, and it still feels great!"

    Get it for £35.50 here.

    3. A waterproof speaker for your shower.

    I use my time in the shower to catch up on my favourite podcasts and audiobooks, and a shower-safe speaker means clearer audio and safer listening.

    Here's a promising review: "This is the 2nd I am buying and is working really well both in the shower and in the car. I dropped it in the bath tub and even it is water resistant but not waterproof I was worried it would have stopped working. Is good quality and I highly recommend it."

    Get it for £13.99.

    4. A good coffee maker.

    Full disclosure I'm a coffee nut and I have about 5 different machines for making a good cup, but I'm completely reliant on my quick capsule machine for getting me a caffeine kick ASAP on workday mornings. While Nespresso machines runs from £62, the Nescafe Dolce Gusto is a really good budget alternative with a good variety of flavoured capsules available.

    Here's a promising review: "Bought this to replace a Senseo machine. Should have done it sooner - the machine is easy to use and the coffee is superb."

    Get it for £28.

    5. An multi-purpose electric scrubber.

    I bought this cleaning tool when I moved into a new flat with a tendency toward damp and mold, and it's been a complete lifesaver. Paired with a good mold spray (like this), it cuts cleaning tiles in half, and you can use the larger brush for other tasks as well, like scrubbing stubborn burn stains from the stove and oven.

    Here's a promising review: "I have been using a Sonic Scribber for several years, and after my original one failed, I ordered this one. They are very, very good for what they are. They are not made to clean your whole bathroom or kitchen, but they are fantastic for cleaning those hard to reach areas.

    So I use mine to clean around the cooker and the sink, around taps and toilet seat hinges etc. I have one for the kitchen and a separate unit for the bathroom.

    I find dabbing the scouring head in a cleaner and then using it with gentle action simply strips away dirt and limescale."

    Get it for £14.99.

    6. At least one decent knife.

    Cooking is so much easier and less daunting with the right tools, and the one thing that will never go out of style is a good knife that will make any kind of food prep easy. I've been using the same surprisingly reliable Ikea set for nearly six years now, but have been eyeing up this well-reviewed and affordable upgrade from Amazon.

    Here's a promising review: "I cannot stress enough how good this knife is for jointing a chicken. I had another one which was MUCH more expensive, but which was just not up to the job. Great handle and good balance for tricky maneuvers. Bargain price, but doesn't feel like it."

    Get it for £18.64.

    7. And a knife sharpener.

    Regardless of whether you rely on a budget hero knife, or have invested in a high-end tool, it's worth prolonging the life of a knife buy purchasing a knife sharpener. This handy one is inexpensive and invaluable.

    Here's a promising review: "I have used electric sharpeners, sharpening pole and none are as good as this little gem. I say little, it was surprisingly small but it works very very well indeed. Worth every penny. The suction base is very secure, and sharpening your knives and scissors only takes a few moments.. Totally recommend buying this."

    Get it for £8.99.

    8. A shower head that saves water and will make your morning rinse feel like a trip to the spa.


    I just replaced my shower head and really regret that I didn't find out about this one until the day AFTER. It's stylish and well-reviewed and seems like a genuine upgrade that's both easy and affordable.

    Here's a promising review: "After seeing the amount of positive reviews of this product I decided to give this ionic shower head a go. There definitely is an improvement in water flow and the three settings are very good. The reviews of the shower head making your skin feel softer are correct after two weeks of use you can feel the difference overall a great shower head and looks unique as well."

    Get it for £16.87.

    9. A mop that makes cleaning up a breeze.

    I bought this Flash Power Mop about six months ago when I lived in a flat with all vinyl flooring, and even though I've moved somewhere that's mostly carpeted now, it's still an invaluable tool for quickly cleaning up the kitchen and bathroom tiles.

    Here's a promising review: "Easy to use. Saves bending down to clean tiled flooring in kitchen. Previous one have had for many years. Replacing this one. Very satisfied."

    Get it the starter pack, including cleaning solution and disposable pads for £20.

    10. And these reusable heads to keep it pocket and environmentally friendly.

    When I ran out of the mop pads from the starter pack mentioned above, I switched over to these washable microfiber cleaning pads, which attach easily to the mop and are way more durable, not to mention budget and eco friendly long term.

    Here's a helpful review: "An excellent replacement mop for my e-cloth mop. The pack of three different colours means that you can use one as a dry mop and have two to use wet. Half the price of the mop manufacturers replacements too! What's not to like?"

    Get a pack of three for £8.99.

    11. A decluttering cosmetic organiser.

    I love the colour and style of this inexpensive organiser, and the fact that it has a drawer for cotton pads makes it ideal, since I use them for just about everything.

    Here's a promising review: "I love this real value cosmetic organiser. Doesn't seem large yet you can get so many items into it. It's really tidied up my dressing table. Looks smart with pink drawer. Plastic, but doesn't look cheap and stands firmly when full. A bargain item."

    Get it for £4.80.

    12. An electronic kitchen scale.

    I've been using this exact model from Salter for years, and it's reliable, handy, and incredibly compact. I never bake without it, and it's really useful for getting the right serving of pasta an rice as well.

    Here's a promising review: "Quality results from quality product-here's to accurate baking and cooking. Can also be used for a variety of other uses such as Post etc."

    Get it for £13.95.

    13. A cast iron skillet.

    This is a really grown up purchase that will totally level up your cooking game. I've always been anxious to buy them as they can range quite high in price, but have ordered this very inexpensive option after browsing the positive reviews – the overwhelming advice is that as long as you prep and season it properly (learn how here), this budget-friendly pan will serve you well and make everything you eat that much tastier.

    Here's a promising review: Researched loads of cast iron pans before I bought this one. As long as you treat the pan properly (i.e) season it well, it is very durable. Even survived a roommate putting it in the dishwasher - which is a big no no. Meat specially tastes amazing.

    Get it for £12.99.

    14. Radiator drying racks for when you need that shirt ready to wear tomorrow morning.

    These are designed to hook over your radiator and are so useful for getting clothing to dry a bit quicker, or for making towels, blankets, and PJs nice and toasty. I have one on pretty much every radiator in my flat.

    Here's a promising review: "Good quality thick metal, not like some cheaper alternatives. Great value. Airs clothes beautifully."

    Get a set of 2 for £9.99.

    15. A nice set of salt and pepper grinders.

    Pre-ground salt and pepper never tastes as good, let's just say it, and buying disposable grinders is a waste of money and resources. I love this good looking and simple set that automatically classes up my kitchen and dining table, plus makes my food much tastier with freshly ground ingredients.

    Here's a promising review:
    "I ordered this crew set for my dining table. They are well designed and nice looking. Taller than I have thought. The top is stainless steel and the body is clear glass. It is easy to crush, mill and grind spices. I put mild chili in one of the bottle as I love spicy dish, it works fine."

    Get the set for £10.99.

    16. A storage tower to maximise space in the kitchen.

    I am legit obsessed with this very handy roll-out storage rack that's just the right size to fit between my counter and fridge. It's a perfect place for storing spices, cans, and extra containers.

    Here's a promising review:
    "Exactly as described. Nice and sturdy. It did not come with assembly instructions so I'm aware this might be a problem for some people. That's the reason for 4 stars. I didn't mind it since the assembly is pretty straight forward. You just connect everything together. Took me less then 5 mins to figure it out."

    Get it for £9.88

    17. A draught excluder.


    This is a low-key life saving product for cold winters in draughty houses. It will keep your bedroom nice and cosy, and you'll get sounder sleep and stave off colds.

    Here's a helpful review: "I am another carpet user and very happy with the results. It does work well but if your door and carpet are very tight fitting it would make it very difficult to open. My carpet is a few years old so the constant opening and closing have worn the carpet a bit so this product fits perfectly and blocks the gap between the door and the floor totally. Very effective and almost unnoticeable.

    Highly recommended."

    Get it for £8.55.

    18. A filing basket.

    There's nothing more grown-up than keeping your important documents organised; if I had a penny for every time I had to yank my National Insurance letter, out of the back of some drawer I probably wouldn't even NEED national insurance. So it's worth having a dedicated spot to organise and protect your stuff, and this basic and reliable box is just the ticket.

    Here's a promising review: "Great this for getting all the house papers in one place, it's really helped me get organised. I might get another and use for work! It arrived quickly well packaged and I really do use it a lot. Easy enough to slide in the cupboard or something it's not bulky. Highly recommend."

    Get it for £12.23.

    19. Fridge organisers that will maximise space


    I love these colourful drawers that help organise and maximise fridge space. They're a great way for keeping healthy, individual snacks on hand, and also perfect for keeping herbs and veggies crisp.

    Here's a promising review: "I have a small fridge, but still need to feed three people from it. I have been searching and buying fridge accessories to maximise my space, but for years nothing was a 'stayer'. These, however are. Absolutely great for things like a pack of small tomatoes, individual cheese packs, small sausage rolls and they GENUINELY create more space and a much more 'ordered' fridge."

    Get a 4 pack for £6.80.

    20. A detergent egg that will save you money and save the planet


    This handy and eco-friendly natural detergent can be used for up to 720 washes, so is about to save you some major cash along with space in your cupboards. I still reccommend keeping a small supply of colour-protected detergent on hand for fabrics you want to keep bright, but this is great for neutrals, darks, and household washes.

    Here's a promising review: "This product has literally saved me a fortune on soap powder! As a mother of 3 i do a lot of washing and have been using this for a few months now. Well worth the money. The only one thing I would say is the whites are maybe not as white as normal but on the whole really can't fault it. Very pleased. Would recommend."

    Get it for £15.99.

    21. A projector that's cheaper and WAY more useful than a TV.

    While this is the priciest item on this list, I still think it's a MASSIVE bargain compared to the price of a TV. I spent years without a TV at all, just streaming on my laptop, but fancied a bigger screen without any bells and whistles, and this did this trick better than any TV could do. It's got a built in speaker that's pretty decent, though I do reroute it through a nice Bose speaker I got a few Chistmasses ago, and I didn't even need to purchase a projector screen, it works just fine against a white or cream wall. Not the mention it's portable so I can watch in any room – and even on my ceiling.

    Here's a promising review: "This was a birthday present for my husband and I am so impressed as is he. It really is amazing, the picture is fab the sound's not too bad. We mainly watch tv on our fire stick so if we had know about this earlier we wouldn't have bothered getting a new tv. Family and friends are also impressed and have now bought one too."

    Get it for £66.99.