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21 Photos That Will Give You The Most Intense Kitchen Goals

Envy's on the menu.

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1. This stunning evergreen eat-in.

Instagram: @lifestylesmith

It's hard not to eat fresh when your whole kitchen is leafy green.

2. This rustic tiling.

Instagram: @_supermamas

Because nothing says style like pairing old classics with a splash of colour.

3. This heavenly dish-washing view.

Instagram: @danielle_pelly

Cleaning the kitchen just got a whole lot more glamorous.


4. This shabby-chic hangout.

Instagram: @kembalistore

Because you don't need shiny, top of the line countertops if you've got a good eye for colour and texture.

5. This farmhouse style decor.

Instagram: @poppiesandamber

Who needs a chandelier when you can display your pots and pans over the table?

6. This zen room with a view.

Instagram: @thelittleinterior

Just imagine your daily breakfast in there. HEAVEN.

7. This organisation porn.

Instagram: @motivate_u_to_design

Too. Beautiful.


8. These perfect evergreen cupboards.

Instagram: @kitchenkitties

Pine green + copper = the warmest, cosiest kitchen known to man.

9. This DREAM.

Instagram: @motivate_u_to_design

Literally too good to even be a little bit true.

10. This sleek, metallic look.

Instagram: @dylanbass

For the modern minimalist with flair.

11. This ultimate island.

Instagram: @jordypantsfitness

This is the single most important motivation to get rich.


12. This nature lover's paradise.

Instagram: @caroline

Combine a sleek design with reclaimed wooden beams because it's everything.

13. Or this one.

Instagram: @ensemblethelabel

The most magical kitchen of all time.

14. This calming space.

Instagram: @granadatile

That Mediterranean blue will make your worries fade the moment you come in to cook.

15. This dishware library.

Instagram: @thebarefacedbride

Because your coffee cups deserve a place of honour.


16. This exposed brick.

Instagram: @carrodemola

So charming, so homey. So Pinterest.

17. This deLIGHTful workspace.

Instagram: @motivate_u_to_design

Just try having a bad day in here.

18. This design-gasm.

Instagram: @cmariewt

That colour scheme is to DIE for.

19. This colour coordination.

Instagram: @foiltheplot

And these muted colours + chalkboard are so chill and stylish.


20. This home diner.

Instagram: @lulis_cristo

Cooking should be fun, after all.

21. And this built-in champagne cooler.

Instagram: @capitalnthelabel