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19 Things To Do Alone In London

Treat yo'self.

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1. Attend a supper club.

If you're in London solo and anxious about showing up to a restaurant alone, why not book for a supper club instead? The London food scene offers tons of intimate clubs with stellar cuisine, all with the goal of bringing strangers together over food. Particularly special are Argentinian chef Martin Milesi's UNA supper club, hosted inside the clock tower of St Pancras, or this opportunity to take your meal in an old Tube carriage. For more supper club options, check out listings on GrubClub and Trip4real.

2. Shop and sample at a market.

Get lost in the crowds of London's markets for a day. Browsing, haggling, and taste-testing at any one of London's lovely markets is an ideal solo activity – it keeps you busy, and gives you a chance to treat yourself without breaking the bank. Buy yourself a bouquet at Columbia Road Flower Market, or check out these suggestions for the best markets to visit.


4. Or join a walking tour.

You don't need a buddy to join an interesting walking tour – and London has plenty of them you shouldn't miss out on. Booking a spot in a tour guarantees you get out and about and interact with others, but there's no pressure to make friends and you can absolutely lose yourself in the expertise of your guide.

The guides of the Muggle Tour really know their stuff if you're keen to be led through Harry Potter's London. Also check out this immersive street tour of London's East End, or the hilarious Bullshit London Tour.

5. Take your favourite book on a day out.

Who needs company when you've got a good book? Head out to a cosy spot to sink into the pages of your favourite read for a relaxing day in the city. Check out these perfect spots for reading in London, or make all the other books jealous of your date in these library bars.

7. Learn something new in a workshop or short course.

London is such a creative and active city, there's always something new to learn! Keep up-to-date on Tap Coffee's free home brewing workshops, and check out listings for life drawing meetups through the London Life Drawing Society. Sign up for a meditation workshop at Innerspace in Covent Garden, or check out City Academy or City Lit for taster courses and recurring creative workshops.


8. Try a new exercise class.

Find a new gang of workout buddies by attending one of London's heap of unique and insanely fun workout options. You can do anything from learning Beyonce's moves to training to be an amateur circus performer. Check out some of our favourites.

11. Or see a live show.

London is as full of great theatres as it is of great cinemas. Treat yourself to a night at the theatre to see a favourite celebrity on stage or to enjoy the intimate staging at one of London's smaller but still stellar fringe venues. Avoid paying an arm and a leg for tickets with these handy tips.


12. Start your Saturday with the Fulham Palace Parkrun.

If you're on your own for the weekend, why not kick start a healthy and productive Saturday by participating in the free Fulham Palace Parkrun? The organised run is a great place to meet new people, or just to have some accountability to get your workout in – and the view is infinitely better than the treadmill screen.

13. Treat yourself with a personal styling session.

If you really want to be spoiled on a day to yourself in the city, book with a personal stylist to glam you up for the day and teach you some staples of dressing your best. You can book stylists through Westfield Shopping Centre, or check out Coathanger Styling, which offers special pamper packages. For a more budget friendly option, try this Knightsbridge Stylist Tour.

14. Or just spoil your imagination with some window shopping.

Explore the swankiest corners of the city with a window shopping trip to some of London's most luxe shopping centres and streets. Browse Carnaby Street and don't miss a chance to pop into the picturesque Liberty of London. Spend a day admiring the high fashion in Harvey Nichols, or stroll through Brook Street for peek into the extraordinary Vera Wang Wedding Collection and more.

15. Walk or cycle in the park.

Have a leisurely solo day by exploring London's parks on foot or by bicycle. You can hire a London bike across the city for as low as £2, and you never know what gems you'll uncover simply by wandering deep into the centre of Hyde or Victoria Park.


18. Do a museum hop.

Create your own custom exhibit bucket list and see the museums of London on your own terms. Who says you have to do the whole of the V&A or catch everything on display at the British Museum? Plan and follow your own path through London's exhibits so you can go at your own pace and see what actually matters to you. Don't forget to take these underrated museums into consideration.

19. Treat yourself to a pint.

Find a cosy spot in a new pub to spend a few hours people watching, writing your thoughts, or reading a good book. Treat yourself to your favourite drink, and you surely won't miss someone chattering away at you from the other side of the table. Here are some of the best London bars for a solo drink.