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19 Reasons Living In A Studio Flat Is Not So Bad

Your little corner of the world.

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1. There's not much space to lose things.


Literally no space to lose things, because you have to use the spaces where you would usually lose things to store things out of the way on purpose.

2. You probably have breakfast in bed every morning.

You kind of have to have breakfast in bed because it's the only place to sit in your whole (tiny) flat, but Instagram doesn't have to know that.

3. It's practically impossible for a proper clean to take more than an hour or two.


Unless you're pausing to nibble from your conveniently located fridge every five minutes, ofc.

6. All of your favourite things are completely in reach.

You can practically reach the fridge door from your bed, and the telly switch is probably close enough that you don't even need a remote.

7. When you bake, your sheets end up smelling like cookies!

But you tend to avoid cooking with cumin and garlic for obvious reasons.

8. It's naturally intimate and cosy.

Being surrounded by all your favourite things and doing most of your work from your bed means your place has a nice, sleepy sense of calm about it.

9. And great for Netflix binges.

You can literally see the TV screen no matter where in the flat you are.

10. You'll learn to ditch your pack-rat habits.


You'll probably have to pare down your belongings to fit your life into a studio, but that just means you're hip to a minimalist lifestyle.

11. You save so much money on heating and cooling in a small place.

Which means you spend the cash you would have spent on heating on stylish outfits that warm you up in the flat and out.

13. You can pretty easily determine the source of creepy night noises.


It's hard not to notice a stranger in the house when the house is ONE ROOM, so you can be pretty sure that unidentified noises are just the gurgling shower drain.

14. And if you did have an intruder, there would literally be nowhere for them to hide.

You would see them, and you would also totally be within reach of your kitchen knife set, so it's fine.

15. Furnishing a studio is easy...

Bed. Done. If you're lucky there's room for a chair and a desk/coffee table.

17. Pretty much anywhere you stay on holiday will feel like the lap of luxury.

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Your main requirement for an Airbnb is just like, 10% more square footage than your place.

18. You actually go out and explore.

Having a studio is great, but you can feel quite cooped up – which just means you have to actually get out and enjoy your surroundings.

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