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    17 Breathtaking Walks In London

    Take a summer stroll.

    1. Bloomsbury Writer's Walk

    Flickr: kjgarbutt / Creative Commons
    Flickr: calflier001 / Creative Commons

    Explore the literary history of Bloomsbury on this central London walk. The circular path starts you out at Bedford Square, rich with pre-Raphaelite history and leads you through sites linked to Charles Darwin, George Orwell, Virginia Wolfe, Dickens, and more.

    Get the route here.

    2. Parkland Walk

    Flickr: jim6 / Creative Commons
    Flickr: dfisher81 / Creative Commons

    Escape from the city streets with a wander along the overgrown urban decay of the Parkland Walk. Stretching from Finsbury Park to Muswell Hill, the unique green trail is full of abandoned architecture, stunning grafitti, and plenty of woodland.

    Get the route here.

    3. Greenwich Nautical Walk / Creative Commons
    Flickr: dougtone / Creative Commons

    Wander along the river and through London's maritime history with this walk, beginning and ending at the Greenwich Foot Tunnel. Check out Cutty Sark, Greenwich Market, and catch some spectacular views from Greenwich Park. Don't miss a stop in at the Trafalgar Tavern, a Victorian pub frequented by Charles Dickens and the historical host of Parliament whitebait dinners.

    Get the route here.

    4. London Bridges Walk

    Flickr: dgeezer / Creative Commons
    Flickr: lewishamdreamer / Creative Commons

    Let the bridges of London take you across the city and through history on this lovely walk from Westminster Bridge to the Tower of London. Explore the Southbank and beyond with a unique perspective, check out a fabulous view from Hays Galleria just beyond London Bridge, and browse for new reads at the book market beneath Waterloo Bridge.

    Get the route here.

    5. Hammersmith Circular Walk

    Flickr: rogersg / Creative Commons
    Flickr: garryknight / Creative Commons

    Walk along the Thames in west London on this lovely trek from Barnes Bridge to Hammersmith. The trail will take you along the river (and past some of the best riverside pubs) for charming views of Barnes, Chiswick, Hammersmith, and the stunning Leg O' Mutton Nature Reserve in between.

    Get the Route Here.

    6. Morden Hall Park Walk

    Flickr: garryknight / Creative Commons
    Flickr: garryknight / Creative Commons

    For a proper breath of fresh air, escape to Morden Hall Park for a gorgeous walk through its gardens and woodlands, and check out the 19th century estate nestled into the park's lush green landscape.

    Get the route here.

    7. Richmond Park View Walk

    Flickr: jfparis / Creative Commons
    Flickr: mualphachi / Creative Commons

    See the skyline from the treeline on this walk designed to take you past the most spectacular views in Richmond Park. Catch sight of a picture perfect St Paul's Cathederal through a hole in the trees at King Henry's Mound, or see a panoramic of the city from Sawyer's Hill.

    Get the route here.

    8. Pool of London Walk

    Flickr: fmpgoh / Creative Commons
    Flickr: davidedamico / Creative Commons

    Uncover hidden gems along the Thames on this circular walk from London Bridge to the Monument. You'll catch some of the city's most famous sights, but also duck into tucked away spaces like Butler's Wharf and St Katherine's Dock.

    Get the route here.

    9. Legal Walk

    Flickr: 34517490@N00 / Creative Commons
    Flickr: londonmatt / Creative Commons

    This exploration of London's legal history starts at Blackfriars, which has played a major role in London's political and religious history since the middle ages. The walk will lead you through Fleet Street, Inns of Court, Newgate Prison, and of course, England's Central Criminal Court, The Old Bailey.

    Get the route here.

    10. Jack the Ripper Trail

    Flickr: 55935853@N00 / Creative Commons
    Flickr: ben124 / Creative Commons

    Take a grisly walk in the footsteps of London's most notorious serial killer, Jack the Ripper, on this East London exploration. The three hour walk will take you through some of London's trendiest streets with a creepy new perspective. Starting from Liverpool Station, you'll follow the case of the Ripper through Spitalfields Market, historic pubs, the Whitechapel Bell Foundry, and beyond.

    Get the route here.

    11. Highgate East Cemetery

    Flickr: belowred / Creative Commons

    For a hauntingly beautiful adventure, take a stroll through Highgate's East Cemetery (you'll have to book a guided tour to access the west). With stunning stonework and gorgeous woodland, the cemetery is the perfect place to get away from it all for a reflective walk.

    More information here.

    12. Hampstead Walk

    Flickr: x1brett / Creative Commons

    For stellar views, gorgeous estates, and swimming head for a stroll through Hampstead Heath. The circular walk will take you across the heath, with a possible extension to toward Highgate Village for the perfect green escape from the city streets.

    Get the route here.

    13. Little Venice to Camden

    Flickr: garryknight / Creative Commons
    Flickr: la-citta-vita / Creative Commons

    Follow the Regents Canal on this circular walk starting at Warwick Avenue station. The trail will lead you through the lovely and relaxing pathways of Little Venice all the way to Camden Lock Market – and there's opportunity to stop off at the Regents Park Zoo if you fancy.

    Get the route here.

    14. Hyde Park and Kensington

    Flickr: sleepless_in_somerset / Creative Commons

    Enjoy a luxurious and green walk through Hyde Park and Kensington on the charming route. Head from Marble Arch through Hyde Park and onto Harrods, and don't miss the chance to stop by the Serpentine to feed the ducks, or to luxuriate in the stunning gardens of Kensington Palace.

    Get the route here.

    15. Roman London Walk

    Flickr: blahflowers / Creative Commons
    Flickr: jupiterfirelyte / Creative Commons

    Explore the city's most ancient history with a walk through the Roman ruins that hide in plain sight all through London. Starting at the remains of the London Wall at the Museum of London, you'll visit ancient artefacts throughout the city, an excavated ampitheatre in Guildhall, and a Temple of Mithras at the Inns of Court.

    Get the route here.

    16. Chelsea Literary Walk

    Flickr: rogersg / Creative Commons
    Flickr: unepetiterose / Creative Commons

    London's vibrant creative culture and history are alive in the streets of Chelsea. Fans of Oscar Wilde, Jane Austen, Bram Stoker, George Eliot, and more will find gems of literary history littered throughout a walk through this picturesque area.

    Get the route here.

    17. Central London Thames Walk

    Flickr: 27828336@N00 / Creative Commons
    Flickr: littlestar19 / Creative Commons

    On a sunny day, head from Westminster to Borough Market on this historical tour along the river. See some of London's top landmarks, including the Egyptian Monument, the Temple Gardens, and Southwark Cathedral. The area can get a bit crowded on weekends, but is lovely for an early morning weekday stroll, and is made even better by picking up breakfast and a coffee from Borough Market when you wrap up.

    Get the route here.

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