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17 London Desserts That Are Better Than A Boyfriend

The city at its sweetest.

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2. Chocolate Fondue, Choccywoccydoodah

If you're after some cool atmosphere to go with your something sweet, pop to the endlessly cool Choccywoccydoodah in Soho for a delightful milk, dark, or white chocolate dipping bowl in their upstairs café.

3. Citrus on the Rock, The Savoy Thames Foyer

Chelsey Pippin / BuzzFeed

If you're looking for a concept dessert that's also delicious and well-portioned, here it is: the Citrus on the Rock is frozen citrus mousse inside a grapefruit, garnished with candyfloss, and served on a block of ice. It's amazing, and one of the offerings on the Savoy's evening Temptation Wheel service, so it's part of a uniquely fun experience to boot.

4. Vegan Blue Moon Pie, Cookies and Scream

Cookies and Scream

This tiny vegan bakery in Camden Market does KILLER vegan friendly desserts, including cookie dough shakes, brownies, and pies that look anything but bland. This Blue Moon is the bakery's take on a blueberry pie, and it's the stuff of dreams.


5. Salted Caramel Brownie, Bad Brownie

Instagram: @sweetlifeoflaurengrace

Bad Brownie trades at markets across London, and tracking them down is half the fun. But most of the fun is stuffing this decadent savoury and sweet chocco block in your mouth.

6. Tarte au Citron, Le Garrick

Le Garrick

The French-inspired bistro around the corner from Leicester Square serves a mean menu all around, but this citron tart is one for the ages – equal parts fluffy and dense, indulgent but not too sweet, and accompanied by some scrumptious raspberry coulis and créme fraiche makes it a complex and delicious treat. For optimum dessert enjoyment, take a friend and order one tarte and one fondant au chocolate. You won't be sorry.

7. Sundae, Scoopsy Daisy

Facebook: scoopsydaisyicecream

The fresh treats from Scoopsy Daisy combine fruit, organic yogurt, and real ice cream for the perfect sunny day delight – don't miss their pop up appearances, and treat yourself to an all out sugar rush with a sundae.


9. Chocolate Cup, Said

Instagram: @3kindsofice

This charming little Soho café is a perfect spot to hide out with a little treat – and they've got a lot of little treats to offer. With an incredible selection of chocolate and pastries, plus their infamous dipped hot chocolate, it might be hard to choose. But you should choose this. It's a cup made of chocolate, filled with melted chocolate – but the cup doesn't melt! It's magic and delicious.

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10. Chocolate Glory, Bob Bob Ricard

Instagram: @catmhumphrey

This Soho establishment doesn't call the Chocolate Glory their signature dessert for nothing. Made up of chocolate jivara mousse, berries, passionfruit, and orange jelly, it's a dessert as delicious as it is entertaining.

11. Churros con Dulce du Leche, La Bodega Negra

Instagram: @tillie_rose

Hidden behind a faux sex-shop sign, La Bodega Negra is worth the search and the scandal. The dinner menu itself is amazing, and the churros cap of a lovely meal in an even lovelier way. The sugar and spice dough is fried to perfection and served warm with a deadly good dulce du leche sauce. You might as well just order seconds now.

12. Pastel de Nata, Lisboa Pâtisserie

Instagram: @findish

As anyone who's ever had a holiday in Portugal can tell you, these cream-filled pastries are THE. SHIT. And Lisboa Pâtisserie does them just right, so you might as well be lounging on a terrace by the sea instead of a Ladbroke Grove café. They are just so good, so you should definitely buy a box to share with friends (or just buy a box).


13. Apple and Blackberry Cupcakes, Peggy Porschen Parlour

Facebook: PeggyPorschenCakes

This Belgravia bakery is all about elegant design and innovative flavour, so you're sure to find something special when you walk through the door. These apple and blackberry cupcakes are the perfect blend of sweet and fresh, and you won't be sad you tried them.

14. Cheesecake Brownie, Outsider Tart

Instagram: @eamwoodcock1

If you're looking for a sugar fix in Chiswick, here it is. Outsider Tart is super cool and friendly American-style bakery, serving up yummy treats like their beloved cinnamon muffins and lots of cake, plus a line of killer brownies, like these chocolate chip cookie dough and cheesecake varieties. Y.U.M.

15. Kinako French Toast, Shackfuyu

Facebook: shackfuyu

Breakfast, but for dessert! This killer sweet dish from Covent Garden's Shackfuyu serves up the beloved breakfast item with a little twist, incorporating roasted soy bean crumbs and matcha ice cream alongside the classic, buttery, maple syrupy recipe.

16. Torrejas, Duck and Waffle

Duck and Waffle is open 24/7, which means you can – and should – be eating torrejas all day long. It's simple but it's delicious: maple caramel apples are served up with a big scoop of cinnamon ice cream. They say it serves two, but I say treat yo'self.

17. Chocolate Flip, The Cocktail Trading Company

Cocktail Trading Company

If you've got a booze tooth alongside that sweet tooth, The Cocktail Trading Company has you covered with this killer spiked dessert drink. The Flip is pistachio ice cream is shaken with 8-year-old rum, cacao, Chartreuse, and port. Cheers to that.

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