17 Apps You Need If You're Bad With Money

    So you know when you can actually afford the pub.

    1. Spending Tracker

    4.5/5 Rating, Free

    This cute expense and income tracker makes it easy to see how your spending adds up. With a simple interface that pits money in against money out, it's great for keeping track of how you're using your money and keeping tabs on what's leftover for a pint!

    It's the best of basic, says one helpful review of the Android version: "Simple enough for someone who doesn't want complicated apps to manage their expenses."

    Get it for Android and iOS.

    2. OnTrees

    4.5/5 Rating, Free

    If you want clear tracking of exactly where your money is going so you can make your budget according to how you spend, check out the excellent OnTrees.

    It's super easy and intuitive, according to this helpful review: "It works seamlessly and works with all of my bank accounts. And once it learns about your account transactions it then remembers them flawlessly."

    Get it for iOS. Android users can check out the web version, or try the similar Expense Manager app.

    3. OneReciept

    3.3/5 Rating, £0.69

    This receipts app is great for keeping a visual record of your spending whether it's to turn in work expenses or just for a really tangible expense tracker.

    It's super easy, says this review of the iOS version: "With this app it's very convenient to keep record of receipts, simply click and record the details."

    Get it for Android and iOS.

    4. MySuperMarket

    4.1/5 Rating, Free

    This helpful app won't track your finances but will help you spend more effectively on household items and groceries. Just type your grocery list into the app, and it will tell you how to make the most of your money, from letting you know which supermarket is selling a product cheapest to what alternatives will save you money.

    Mind to connect your phone to Wi-Fi before using the app, as reviewers noted it can suck up data, but they also maintain it's super helpful: "Love the app and have saved a fortune on the shopping bill over the past few months since started using it. It is a real eye opener on the differing prices and offers that the supermarkets have."

    Get it for Android and iOS.

    5. You Need A Budget

    4.5/5 Rating, Free

    You need a budget is a brilliant way to manage your money: you can track expenses as well as make micro-budgets for smaller categories, so you've got complete control of every nook and cranny of your finances.

    This review of the iOS version says it all: "I have tried many approaches to achieving personal financial control in the past but nothing touches YNAB with the budget control and spending analysis, ability to input transactions and monitor spending on the move and, now, being able to control budget categories on the iPad version while away from the PC."

    Get if for Android and iOS.

    6. Splitwise

    4.5/5 Rating, Free

    This easy way of tracking shared expenses is a must for partners, housemates, and bffs.

    One reviewer called the Android version "the only app I trust to keep track of who owes whom and how much."

    Get it for Android and iOS.

    7. Spent

    4/5 Rating, Free

    If you're splitting the bill with lots of friends, managing loans between groups was never easier than with Spent! The app's well-organised and visual interface helps you keep track of who paid for what, and is great for going on holidays with friends or managing the daily expenses with housemates.

    Get it for iOS. Android users who want to work out holiday expenses with friends, check out Travel Money.

    8. BillMonitor

    4/5 Rating, Free

    Keep track of bills and payments with this handy app to remind you to pay in on time.

    It's also great for keep tracking of already paid bills, says a review: "I love this it keeps me on point with my bills monthly and I know exactly what date they were paid."

    Get it for iOS, or try similar Bills for Android.

    9. Wally

    4/5 Rating, Free

    With a friendly and comprehensive interface, Wally helps you plan and manage short and long-term budgets with ease, and make it simple for you to look over your spending habits.

    A helpful review for the iOS version says "it is everything I need to keep track of my finances. It tells me exactly what I spent, where and when. Tells me how much is left for today. And I can specify how much I want to save a month."

    Regular international travellers might want to seek out a more extensive money manager, however, since the app can't handle multiple currencies.

    Get it for Android and iOS.

    10. GoodBudget

    4.3/5 Rating, Free

    If you're a proponent of the envelope budgeting system, this digital manager will save your life and keep you up to date on all your finances.

    It's a reliable, longterm budgeting solution says a review of the Android version: "Starting month seven using this app and I couldn't imagine managing my money without it now."

    Get it for Android and iOS.

    11. Debts Break

    4.5/5 Rating, Free

    Tracking your regular expenses and bills can be a pain enough, so if you're paying off credit debts you'll need a dedicated app to help you manage your various payment schedules and calculate the best plan to get you paid off quickly.

    The sleek and useful interface of the Debts Break app is perfect for getting you out of debt, reviewers of the iOS praised the "beautiful design that provides charts to help you see visually when you will be debt free."

    Get it for iOS. Android users should check out the similar Debt Planner & Calculator.

    12. Pocket Expense

    3.6/5 Rating, Free

    If you want a tracker with some customisable options and the ability to create categories, Pocket Expense is the way to go.

    A cool interface helps, according to a review of the iOS version: "the graphs it uses are a really cool way for you to see which categories you spend money on the most which can help you set budgets."

    Get it for Android and iOS.

    13. Spend Today – Save Tomorrow

    3.5/5 Rating, Free

    Program your income and expensive into the Spend Today app for helpful analytics and tips to make your budget work on a day-to-day basis. The practical app helps you consider when you want to spend and how.

    One helpful reviewer summed it up: "This app is quite good as a budgeting finance app, its design is simple and quite stylish. The feature of having a daily budget and keeping within it I find works really well."

    Get it for iOS.

    14. 52 Weeks Money Challenge

    4.1/5 Rating, Free

    This useful app helps you manage a year-long savings plan and achieve your financial goals. Plug in what you're saving for, and the price, and the app will calculate how much you need to put aside every week to reach your goal within a year.

    The app is a great way to follow a simple saving plan, but if you want flexibility and customisable options, look elsewhere. Says one review of the Android version: "This app is so cool. The only thing I suggest is to add an option to those people who prefer to do the 52 week challenge in reverse order."

    Get it for Android and iOS.

    15. Left to Spend

    3.5/5 Rating, £3.99

    Minimalists will love the simple and effective money managing interface of Left to Spend. If you're not interesting in monitering the categories of your spending or find some of the more detailed finance apps overwhelming, this app is perfect for doing the very basic math you need not to go into debt.

    "It's beautiful, simple, and does exactly what it says it does," says a review of the iOS app.

    Get it for iOS. Android users should check out the similar and free Left for Spending app.

    16. Monny

    4.5/5 Rating, Free

    If you're looking to monitor your spending as well as develop your money sense, Monny is a great option. The app offers all the features and analytics of a finance tracking app, plus the opportunity to take challenges to help you improve your financial responsibility and learn how to manage money more effectively.

    Get it for iOS.

    17. Daily Spender

    4/5 Rating, Free

    This app is designed for monitoring your travel spending through its simple and clear interface.

    It's also adaptable to everyday use, says a helpful review of the Android version: "This is a really good and simple app that helps you manage your cash on trips, I tried using it on a day to day basis and its been really helpful, I'd definitely recommend it!"

    Get it for Android and iOS.