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    17 Social Apps That Will Actually Make You Social

    No FOMO.

    Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

    1. Design My Night

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    Use Design My Night to cater a night out to your style, location, and budget. Plug in your preferences to customisable fields and the app will give you info on events, bars, clubs, and pubs that meet your needs.

    Get it for iOS and Android.

    2. MeetUp

    If you're looking to develop platonic friendships based on shared interests, MeetUp has you covered. Join for free and browse user created groups covering everything from book clubs to theatre troupes to nature walking groups, or create your own tailor-made group to attract like-minded friends you can meet up with in your area.

    Get it for iOS and Android.

    3. Circle

    Finding something to do is made easy by Circle, which lets you plug in your location, interests, and availability and responds with a long list of available events, from concerts to sporting events to things to do with the kids.

    Get it for iOS and Android.

    4. YPlan

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    YPlan compiles a top list of the best options for events and social outings in your area, then makes it easy for you to book through their completely paperless system.

    Get it for iOS and Android.

    5. Moment

    Put a higher emphasis on maintaining your relationships and enjoying your life in the present by using Moment to track your phone and tablet use. The app will give you daily, weekly, and monthly breakdowns, and help you change your habits to rely less on your technology and focus more creating memories with the people you're with.

    Get it for iOS.

    6. Social Radar

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    Never miss a friend (and avoid the ones that could put a damper on your day) with Social Radar which will let you know who's around when you attend events or enter a restaurant, bar, or club. The app accesses your social media contacts and alerts you who might be nearby, as well as giving you a helpful reminder of their details.

    Get it for iOS and Android.

    7. Peoplehunt

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    Peoplehunt is a clever little app that helps you look for nearby friends based on specific needs and interests. Unlike dating apps such as Tinder that connect you to nearby singles, Peoplehunt lets you specify exactly what it is your looking for, even if it's not romance. If you're in search of a Spanish conversation partner, fellow Chinese food enthusiast, or someone to cruise the bookstore with for the next YA craze, Peoplehunt is the app you need.

    Get it for iOS.

    8. Citysocializer

    Citysocializer is an events and group-oriented social network that gives you information on cultural and social events in your area, and offers the ability to create and join social groups within your city. Great for finding things to do with the friends you have, and for finding new ones!

    Get it for iOS.

    9. Meet My Dog

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    Dog lovers unite in this awesome app geared to find you and your pup friends to share long walks in the park with. You can easily check in with Meet My Dog to find nearby dogs and owners to bond with.

    Get it for iOS.

    10. Nearify

    Nearify is a sweet and simple app that takes your location and gives you a digest of upcoming events in your city, from club nights to lectures to festivals.

    Get it for iOS and Android.

    11. Eventbrite

    EventBrite has a great system for attending and creating cultural, social, and networking events in your area, and offers a paperless system to go along with it. Find parties, concerts, crafting events and more by scrolling through their simple interface and downloading your mobile ticket directly into the app.

    Get it for iOS and Android.

    12. Foursquare

    If you're not already using Foursquare, get on it, since it's the leading location sharing app and can help you keep track of the best places to go for just about any need. If you're a long-time Foursquarer, make sure to take advantage of the app's Radar feature, which will let you know when you're in the same place as any of your contacts.

    Get it for iOS and Android.

    13. Gravy

    Gravy doesn't just list events based on your location, availability, and interests, but also allows you to factor in your mood. So you can't go wrong hunting down an activity on your free night with this brilliant app that just gets you.

    Get it for iOS and Android.

    14. Time to Enjoy

    If you're busy or travelling, Time to Enjoy will plan your social outings for you, by comparing its database of local events with your work schedule or travel itinerary and offering you events that match your availability and interests.

    Get it for iOS.

    15. Vamos

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    Vamos pulls its event feeds from a variety of sites including Facebook, Eventbrite, Stubhub, and Ticketmaster to offer the widest array of upcoming local events, so you'll never spend another night as home with Netflix (unless you want to, and we're cool with that).

    Get it for iOS and Android.

    16. SupperClub

    Food and friends - does it get any better? SupperClub is a sweet little app that allows you to create and join supper clubs in your area, a great way to make new friends or bring all of your friends together over food.

    Get it for iOS and Android.

    17. Now

    NEVER GET FOMO AGAIN. Now is a unique app to get you in on the latest social crazes and events based on Instagram data in your area.

    Get it for iOS.

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