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    16 Stories From BuzzFeed UK You Need In Your Life Right Now

    The best longform reporting, feature stories, and personal essays from BuzzFeed UK from April.

    1. Here’s What You Need To Know About The Global Fight To End Female Genital Mutilation – Ikran Dahir

    2. My Father’s Poor Health Can’t Erase His Betrayal – Remee Patel

    3. Trump And Brexit Have Made UK Scientists So Fed Up They Are Taking To The Streets – Kelly Oakes

    4. This Is What It's Like To Have Sleep Paralysis – Sarah Maria Griffin

    5. Shell Shocks: How An Oil Giant Secured A $1.3 Billion Deal Mired In Corruption Allegations – James Ball and Claudio Gatti

    6. I Asked My Siblings How They Handle Living With Autism And Depression – Hannah Woodhead

    7. Why Aren't There Any Superheroes That Look Like Me? – Rachael Krishna

    8. Meet The Graduates Who Want To Solve Britain's Prison Crisis – Patrick Smith

    9. Why Are Asking Prices For London's Luxury Flats Falling? –Patrick Smith

    10. These Europeans Are Already Leaving The UK Because Of Brexit – Emily Dugan

    11. How Watching "Skins" Made Me Feel Seen – Sophie Brown

    12. British Mothers With HIV Are Going Hungry To Pay For Formula Milk – Patrick Strudwick

    13. This Is How Germany Fought Back Against Far-Right Populism – Alberto Nardelli

    14. How I Fell Back In Love With Swimming And My Body – Eleanor Jones

    15. This Woman's Horrific Domestic Abuse Story Shows How the System Lets Victims Fall Through the Cracks – Laura Silver

    16. Developers Want To Build Flats In London That Are Smaller Than Most Bedrooms – Patrick Smith

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