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    16 Reasons To Go To The End Of The Tube Line

    Get ready to go all the way.

    1. Black Park

    Flickr: timo_w2s

    Alight at: Uxbridge

    This gem at the end of the Metropolitan and Piccadilly lines offers stunning open spaces, and if you play your cards right, you might come across some filming sites, since the wooded expanse hugs the grounds of Pinewoods Studios, where blockbusters including the James Bond franchise and the most recent Star Wars have shot.

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    2. Kew Gardens

    Flickr: mouseshadow

    Alight at: Kew Gardens

    If you're in need of an escape into nature, look no further than the second stop to the end of the District line. Kew Gardens was founded as the Royal Botanical Gardens in 1783 and showcases thousands of special flora and fungi, all stunningly landscaped into fairytale perfection.

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    3. Epping Forest

    Flickr: martin55

    Alight at: Epping

    Epping Forest is host to plenty of things worth a long trip to the end of the Central line. The ancient, 6,000 acre woodland is host to natural landscapes, historical sites, and fairytale follies.

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    4. Cassiobury Park

    Flickr: loshak

    Alight at: Watford

    This charming park at the end of the Metropolitan line is Watford's biggest green space, and just a stone's throw from the city centre. Its lovely walking trail is perfect for thoughtful wanders, and the bluebells of the park's Whippendell Wood can't be missed.

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    5. The Upminster Windmill

    Flickr: dgeezer

    Alight at: Upminster

    If you're looking for a picture perfect and peaceful reading or picnic spot, just hang 'till the end of the Metropolitan or Piccadilly lines. This charming Grade II windmill is about 250 years old and offers an oasis of calm in the middle of town, and not to mention plenty of historical knowledge.

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    6. Morden Hall Park

    Flickr: franksteiner

    Alight at: Morden

    Once an expansive deer park, this tranquil refuge at the end of the Northern line is exactly what you need in an escape from the city centre. On the grounds of the historical Morden Hall Estate, the National Trust site is home to meadows, woods, and a stunning garden boating over 2,000 roses.

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    7. Trent Country Park

    Flickr: 66391503@N00

    Alight at: Cockfosters

    Giggle your way to the end of the Piccadilly line for the absolute treat that is Trent Park. Spanning nearly 500 acres, the stunning north London park isn't one to miss. Whether you fancy a quiet day of exploring or something a little more daring, you'll find a way to return to nature here.

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    8. Eastbury Manor

    Flickr: dgeezer

    Alight at: Barking

    Follow the Hammersmith and City line to its end, or hop on an eastbound District line train for a trip to the stunning and under rated Eastbury Manor. The Elizabethan gentry house offers a peek back in time, not to mention lots of peace and quiet.

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    9. Stocker's Lake Nature Reserve

    Facebook: hertswildlifetrust

    Alight at: Rickmansworth

    This stunning natural retreat near the end of the Metropolitan line is well worth the wait. Peaceful, vast, and populated by some rare birds, it's a perfect place to get away from it all without having to go all that far.

    More about Stocker's Lake.

    10. Richmond Park

    Flickr: slrjester

    Alight at: Richmond

    London's largest Royal Park lies just beyond the end of the District line. Spanning nearly 2,400 acres, you can get lost there in the best way. Trading the city for deer sightings and wide open spaces is well worth trip to the end of the line.

    More about Richmond Park.

    11. Ruislip Woods and Lido

    Flickr: naturalengland

    Alight at: West Ruislip

    The western end of the Central line will bring you close to the splendid Ruislip Woods, where you'll find over 700 acres of untouched woodland and the massive, sandy beached Ruislip Lido.

    More about Ruislip Woods.

    12. Bentley Priory Open Space

    Flickr: maureen_barlin

    Alight at: Stanmore

    Follow the Jubilee line to its northern end for a perfect day out on the grounds of Bentley Priory. The gorgeous 18th century manor house itself is now a museum with a stunning formal garden, while the land to itself is a vast and green park that connects all the way to Walthamstow via a lovely walking path.

    More about Bentley Priory.

    13. Crystal Palace Park

    Flickr: ben124

    Alight at: Crystal Palace

    At the southern end of the Overground you'll find the curious and historical Crystal Palace Park. Explore to find gorgeous ruins, Victorian dinosaur sculptures, a lovely boating lake, and plenty of serene spots for thinking and reading.

    More about Crystal Palace Park.

    14. The Chase Nature Reserve

    Flickr: 55935853@N00

    Alight at: Elm Park

    Escape into this tranquil retreat near the end of the District line for a lovely walk. Joined with the Eastbrookend Country Park, the lovely natural reserve is home to several rare birds and plenty of gorgeous flowers.

    More about the Chase Nature Reserve.

    15. Greenwich Park

    Flickr: tiomo

    Alight at: Greenwich or Lewisham

    For stunning views of the city with a heart helping of green, look no further than the excellently manicured and positively gorgeous Greenwich Park at the southern end of the DLR. Home to the Prime Meridian Line, the Royal Observatory, several idyllic lookouts, and plenty of sturdy reading trees, it's a great place to spend a day out.

    More about Greenwich Park.

    16. God's Own Junkyard

    Laura Gallant / BuzzFeed
    Laura Gallant / BuzzFeed

    Alight at: Walthamstow Central

    If it's less the natural and more the peculiar you're after, the neon collection at this stunning Walthamstow warehouse is the sport for you. Featuring vintage and bespoke signs, God's Own Junkyard is open to the public Fridays through Sundays, with a cafe on sight so you can spend all day browsing the fascinating displays.

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    You should alight at Kew Gardens station to visit Kew. A previous version of this post mistakenly recommended Richmond.