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    16 Lovely Little Planters To Liven Up Your Desk

    Spring is coming...

    1. This minimalist air plant frame.

    2. These adorable bicycle planters.

    3. This delightful vial terrarium trio.

    4. This stunning succulent kit.

    5. This grow your own cocktail garden.

    6. This handy clock planter.

    7. These sweet ceramic grass planters.

    8. These modern mini air plant planters.

    9. This miniature, upcycled farm.

    10. This charming miniature picket fence herb garden.

    11. These cute and practical sprouting pencils.

    12. This glorious red wine grapevine.

    13. This lovely bonsai pine.

    14. This porcelain sprouting egg shell kit.

    15. This serene terrarium kit.

    16. This cute AF DIY greenhouse.