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    16 Breathtaking Walks To Take In London

    Walk this way.

    1. Capital Ring Walk

    Embrace the diverse landscape surrounding London by following the Capital Ring. The path is 78 miles long in total, and Transport for London has divided it into 15 easy-to-walk sections. Circle around the city, starting and finishing at Woolwich, and enjoy gorgeous canals, parks, and woods along the way.

    2. Great Fire of London Walk

    Chart the progress and growth of central London after the Great Fire of 1666 on this gorgeous walk, which combines history and architectural marvels. Starting at St Paul's Cathedral, you walk along the north bank of the Thames to the bakery that incited the fire, wind around through the financial district and see the architectural growth the city saw after its destruction, and finish up at the Museum of London, where some of the ancient London Wall remains preserved.

    3. Lee Valley

    The gorgeous 10,000-acre Lee Valley has a number of pre-plotted and themed routes to choose from. Wander among the natural beauty of the area, or explore the park's part in the 2012 Olympics. Most importantly, don't miss the Otter Discovery Trail.

    4. City Tree Walk

    Wander through the greenest parts of central London with the fascinating City Tree Trail. The City of London's handy guide to tracking the various tree species throughout the city will land you in beautiful hidden parks and squares.

    5. London Wall Walk

    Follow in the footsteps of ancient history on the London Wall Walk, plotted out by the Museum of London. The walk stretches from Tower Hill to Blackfriars and lasts about two hours. Download and print the guides from the Museum of London for historical context, or simply wander along the path and enjoy the fascinating juxtaposition of modern and ancient architecture.

    6. Green Chain Walk

    The 50-mile expanse of the the Green Chain Walk is broken into 11 manageable routes, winding through lush woodlands, eerily gorgeous cemeteries, and such architectural and design gems as Eltham Palace.

    7. East End Walk

    For an urban exploration with a touch of history, follow Arthur Richard Jones' East End Walk. Start at the curious dog-shaped Aldgate Pump and discover Leadenhall Market and the ever trendy Brick Lane.

    8. London LOOP

    The London LOOP (London Outer Oribital Path) is divided into 24 sections, so should keep your feet busy for a while! Beginning at Erith and ending at Purfleet, the walk is a sprawling exploration of London's diverse landscape. The various sections will lead you through natural and urban areas on the outskirts and right in the centre of London.

    9. Jubilee Greenway

    The extensive Jubilee Greenway was plotted out in celebration of the Queen's 60th year of rule, and features one kilometre for every year of her reign. Starting at Buckingham Palace and ending up in Limehouse Basin, the walk covers some of the most gorgeous spots in and around London, and connects all of the major Games sites featured in the 2012 Olympics.

    10. Westminster and Whitehall

    For a definitive London history walk, travel from Victoria Station to the National Gallery to take in the beautiful and historical architecture. This walk leads you past a string of well-known London landmarks as well as providing some lesser-known but charming gems like the Regency Cafe.

    11. Royal London Walk

    Follow the Royal London Walk for the best of greenery and luxury in central London. Beginning at the picturesque St James's Park, the walk offers the royal treatment, leading you along a path from St James's Palace to Kensington Palace, and more gorgeous gardens and galleries along the way.

    12. Riverside Pubs

    Walk along the waterfront, and stop for as many pints you want as part of your journey. The Riverside Pubs Walk is the perfect leisurely stroll through London's Docklands, with an emphasis on historical and unique pubs along the way, including the Dickens Inn and the infamous pirate pub The Prospect of Whitby, where an old noose still hangs over the water from its balcony post.

    13. London Bridges Walk

    Overlook the Thames on this amazing architectural walk from Westminster to Tower Hill. The London Bridges Walk starts with a gorgeous view of Big Ben and Parliament from Westminster Bridge, and concludes with the iconic Tower Bridge. In between you'll pass over the Thames and through history as you cross Blackfriars' Bridge, Southwark Bridge, and more, while also catching the interesting and secret spots that link them together.

    14. Jubilee Walkway

    Made up of five loops, the Jubilee Walkway is a 15 mile journey that covers all of London's iconic landmarks and peppers in plenty of gorgeous secret spots. Get to know the city on foot, and catch sight of or stop off in the Tate Modern, British Museum, and the Houses of Parliament as you pass by.

    15. Inns of Court

    Look at the law through the lens of architecture on the Inns of Court Walk. See breathtaking buildings that played a major role in bringing law and order to the city. The four inns across the city are steeped in history and remain relatively unaltered.

    16. Designs of the Times Walk

    If you're a lover of modern architecture, or just craving a walk with a sense of quirk, follow London's Designs of the Times walking trail. The walk takes you past some of the capital's most unique and bizarre architectural marvels.