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    Posted on Nov 19, 2014

    All The Places Homesick Americans In London Can Have Thanksgiving

    You should totally be thankful for this list.

    Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

    1. House of Wolf

    Standout dishes: Portland Crab Cakes with charred lemon and tarragon mayonnaise; Chestnut Wrapped Duck Egg.

    Book at House of Wolf.

    2. The Blues Kitchen

    3. Hix Mayfair

    Facebook: HIX-Restaurants

    Standout dishes: Traditional Roast Holly Farm Turkey; Pecan and Bourbon Pie.

    Book at Hix.

    4. Villandry

    Standout dishes: Roasted Mixed Beetroot; Mushroom and Quinoa Stuffed Globe Artichokes.

    Book at Villandry.

    5. Big Easy Bar.B.Q Crabshack, Covent Garden

    6. Jackson + Rye

    Standout dishes: Crispy Buttermilk Turkey Breast served with spiced cranberry slaw; Pecan Pie and Rye Whiskey Ice Cream.

    To book, email

    7. Bea's of Bloomsbury

    8. The Breakfast Club

    9. The Riding House Café

    10. Christopher's

    11. Sam's Brasserie & Bar

    Standout dishes: Wild Turkey Manhattan Cocktail, Brussel Sprouts and Maple Cured Bacon.

    Book at Sam's Brasserie.

    12. Honky Tonk

    13. JW Steakhouse & Bourbon Bar

    14. The Narrow

    Facebook: TheNarrow

    Standout dishes: Pumpkin and Cep Mushroom Tart; Pecan Pie with mascarpone and maple syrup.

    Book at The Narrow.

    15. The Diner's Turkey Takeover

    16. The Ritz

    Standout dishes: Chestnut Stuffing and Chipolatas; Pumpkin Souffle.

    Book at The Ritz.

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