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12 Gifts New Parents Will Actually Thank You For

They only need one copy of The Gruffalo, but they always need nappies.

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We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.

1. Healthy homemade meals and snacks.


And not just lasagna, either! Check out this list of bulk meal ideas – from pancakes to smoothies to chili – that freeze well and will keep your friends' energy up throughout the day.

Or by them a gift subscription to a meal service like Hello Fresh or weekly Graze snack boxes.


4. This well-reviewed wipe dispenser.


A simple product that will make diaper changes so much less of a hassle. Take it from this review: "This little box makes nappy changing so much easier. Opening and closing the box is very easy with one hand, and pulling the wipes out is easy as well, most nappies work well with this box, only the real small ones are not so easy to pull out. The box is air tight which keeps them always fresh."

Buy it here.

5. Vouchers


There's no better way to make sure your friends actually get what they need, when they need it. But in addition to vouchers Amazon and Mothercare, consider getting them credit for local cleaners, laundries, and other services that will make their lives a whole lot easier.

6. This waterproof mattress pad.


Give your friends the gift of extra comfort for the baby that just so happens to reduce messes when nappy leakage comes around.

Here's a useful review: "Material is very soft on top and waterproof underneath. It is thin and flexible and not at all noisy. A great layer of extra warmth too now the weather is getting colder."

Get it here.


8. Favour coupons


Treat your friends to the gift of your time and energy by offering to get shit done for them. Do some babysitting, run their errands, do their grocery shop, or come round the house to do that chore they hate.

You could also go for this pre-made coupon book here.

9. A door muffler

Be an actual hero and save your friends from the click of a door ruining hours worth of work to get the baby down. This muffler will make it much easier for them to slip in and out unnoticed.

Here's a helpful review: "We have door knobs with horizontal handles and these were able to stretch easily over the handle. Works like a charm on my daughters door! Completely silences opening and closing her door."

Get it here.

10. This subscription box for new families.

Facebook: Sassybloom

Here's a lovely idea to spread out the love and help your friends out on a more regular basis. The Sassy Bloom subscription box is designed for new families and well help your friends try out new products over time to see what they and the baby really like.

Subscribe here. Or opt to treat your friends with a non-baby themed subscription just for them.

11. A box set or streaming subscription.

Comedy Central

If they're going to be stuck at home, kept awake by the baby, they might as well have something to entertain themselves through it. Buy them a box set of their favourite comfort show, or gift them a subscription to Netflix, Amazon Prime, or Now TV so they can zone out when they need to.