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    You Must Hear Hotline Bling On Church Bells

    In 1932, John D. Rockefeller gifted a 72-bell, 100-ton bronze carillon to the University of Chicago. In 2015, the University Carillonneur performed Drake's Hotline Bling at lunchtime on a Friday. To reach the carillon, we climbed 271 steps to the top of the tower. In the immortal words of Drizzy, "Started from the bottom, now we here."

    Hotline Bling Performed On A Carillon

    Facebook: video.php / Via Facebook: cmvail

    You have to see this.

    The Laura Spelman Rockefeller Memorial Carillon is the single largest musical instrument ever built. And the University Carillonneur takes requests!

    Hotline Bling Sheet Music

    Giant Bell

    Words Of Encouragement

    Chicago Skyline As Seen From Rockefeller Chapel