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These Pictures Of Figure Skaters Mid-Jump Will Make Your Week

You've never seen such beauty.

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Let's travel back in time to the year 2014.

The birth of 'Adele Dazeem', Shia LaBeouf stopped being famous, and the Sochi Olympics took place.

Figure Skating: surely one of the most graceful sports on the planet.


But during the figure skating portion of the 2014 Olympics, something amazing happened, in the form of some really gorgeous still frames of the figure skaters mid-jump.

Check out those cheek bones. Remarkable.

Sochi 2014 / Via

Such poise.

Sochi 2014 / Via

Impeccable form.

Sochi 2014 / Via

He's beauty and he's grace.

Sochi 2014 / Via

The face of passion.

Sochi 2014 / Via


Sochi 2014 / Via

A shining star.

Sochi 2014 / Via

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