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These Are The Zodiac Signs As "She's The Man" Characters And There's No Room For Argument

Viola is obviously a Gemini. Duh.

Aquarius: Duke


Duke is friendly and independent, but tends to run from expressing his emotions. He gets bored easy and is deeply offended by lies and broken promises (feel free to apologize with Gouda).

Gemini: Viola


Viola is affectionate, curious, and can adapt to any situation she's thrown into, even if it involves stick-on sideburns. Like a classic Gemini, she has great social skills and hates being alone.

Capricorn: Eunice


She's responsible, well-disciplined, and kind of a know-it-all. She's mainly independent, but she values family and love (especially with Toby) above all else.

Virgo: Toby


He's loyal, shy, and worries a lot about what other people think of him (and his crush on Eunice). He has a big heart but usually struggles to express his emotions (except after winning soccer games).

Pisces: Olivia


Olivia is a compassionate, creative, romantic at heart who appreciates a good song lyric. She is against kind of cruelty (except bathroom fighting) and usually has pretty good judgement.

Taurus: Principal Gold


A classic Taurus, he's reliable, patient, and loves being busy working with his hands (handing out sandwiches, gardening, etc).

Cancer: Justin


Justin tends to be really emotional, manipulative (*ahem* lying to his girlfriend A LOT) and highly emotional (crying, also A LOT), but that's only because Cancer's are really protective of their personal lives.

Aries: Coach Dinklage


Because he's a total Aries, Coach Dinklage is courageous, determined, and always confident — he can rip a manual in half pretty easily. He can be impatient and moody, but he makes for an excellent leader.

Leo: Monique


Monique LOVES being the center of attention and is generally passionate and warm-hearted. But, like a Leo, she can also be stubborn and self-centered.

Libra: Sebastian


Sebastian is definitely the Libra of the group: social, gentle, and absolutely refuses to conform. He's going to be a singing superstar, OK?

Sagittarius: Paul


Paul is generous, has a great sense of humor, but sometimes runs low on patience. He is, however, very open-minded and always willing to accept change.

Scorpio: Malcolm


In classic Scorpio fashion, Malcolm is stubborn, jealous, and secretive. But underneath it all, he's just a passionate Scorpio with a grand plan who hates when dishonesty gets in the way.

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