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The Definitive Ranking Of Taylor Swift's Music Video Boyfriends

I've narrowed it down to the top 8.

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And so everyone probably knows that she has about 24 music videos. Now I don't have any actual statistics, but I'm going to say at least 17 of these co-star a music video boyfriend.

So, I've decided to rank them on a very scientific scale. It looks like this:

1. Likability/Personality
2. Boyfriend Skills
3. Cuteness

Each category will be out of ten points with an overall total out of 30. I've never had a boyfriend or met Taylor Swift, so obviously I'm the perfect person to judge this... Here we go.

Likability/Personality: 1/10

I apologize if any of you like this guy, but based solely on this video I think he's a jackass. He walks around like he's the hottest guy in the world. (for more of my opinion on his hot-ness, see 'cuteness' below)

Boyfriend Skills: 1/10

Obviously terrible. The whole point of the video is that whatever's he's done to piss of T Swift has opened up a 'blank space' on her list of boyfriends. I mean, it is cool of him to go horseback riding with her but that's about it.

Cuteness: 7/10

This guy's clearly beautiful, but I docked a few points because he always seems to have this smug look on his face, you know? But he looks great in a suit.

Overall Score: 9/30

Likability/Personality: 7/10

He seems super laid back and adorable and sweet, which is great. But then I had to take into consideration the whole cheating thing and that knocked off a couple points.

Boyfriend Skills: 6/10

Pre-cheating, he seemed like a pretty solid S/O. He cuddled on the couch, and played cards- that's romantic, right?

Cuteness: 8/10

This may be biased, but I think Stephen Coletti is just the most adorable guy ever. Look at those dimples and tell me I'm wrong. LOOK AT THEM.

Overall Score: 21/30

Likability/Personality: 7/10

He seems like a perfect small-town teenage guy. He runs through fields, drives a truck with optimal room for cuddling in the back, and one can only assume that him and Taylor listened to Tim McGraw together. How nice of him.

Boyfriend Skills: 8/10

Before the inevitable break-up, he seemed to be a great boyfriend. They looked real cute and in love, which means he must have some boyfriend skills.

Cuteness: 7/10

I think he's a cutie, and I dig the 2009 shaggy hair and button up cowboy-like shirt.. That worked in his favor for me.

Overall Score: 22/30

Likability/Personality: 8/10

I think this guy seems pretty genuine, and smart, and cultured. I mean, he was dressed really nice and he's in Paris and he's making Taylor laugh over a cup of espresso. Hello, dreamy.

Boyfriend Skills: 8/10

He ranks pretty high. He made Taylor believe that love could begin again. We don't really get to see him be a boyfriend, but he makes a great first impression.

Cuteness: 8/10

He's got great hair, great fashion sense, great eyes and perfect facial hair. Go, Valdimir.

Overall Score: 24/30

Likability/Personality: 8/10

He's the nicest guy around- likes row boating in his spare time, helps unpack, and dances in the living room.

Boyfriend Skills: 10/10

He rules this category, obviously. He wouldn't let anything get in the way of their love. He was such a good boyfriend Taylor let him become her husband. Can it get any better than that?

Cuteness: 8/10

This guy's jawline could cut glass, and he's got great hair. He also looks far too good in a hoodie.

Overall Score: 26/30

Likability/Personality: 9/10

He has a great sense of humor, he stops by your locker for chats, and he helps you out in science. He's a great guy, no question.

Boyfriend Skills: 9/10

This was a little tricky because even though Taylor's got the hots for him, he's not her boyfriend. He does seem like a good boyfriend to the girl he likes though. And I considered the fact that he's a great friend to Taylor, which leads me to believe that if he only knew she loved him he'd be a great boyfriend to her too.

Cuteness: 9/10

Tyler Hilton is beautiful in that non-overwhelming way where he looks like the hot guy you liked in high school as opposed to a model.

Overall Score: 27/30

Personality/Likability: 10/10

I mean, he's a little dorky and loves to talk and make you laugh. What's he missing?

Boyfriend Skills: 8/10

He seems to put up with a lot of girlfriend drama from Taylor's brunette look-alike, which takes a lot of boyfriend patience. He also skips the texting and goes right to holding up signs to you in the window, which is just adorable and old time-y.

Cuteness: 10/10

Lucas Till is adorable- from the blonde hair and crooked smile to the baseball shirt. He gets all of the cuteness points. All of them.

Overall Score: 28/30

Likability/Personality: 10/10

He's traditional, chivalrous, a good dancer, and does everything to get to his true love. I like him. I like him a lot.

Boyfriend Skills: 10/10

He treats Taylor with nothing but respect and great manners. He also leads the dance, and asks her dad for permission to marry her. Nailed it, Justin. Nailed it.

Cuteness: 10/10

He's beautiful. Look at him. Even with Romeo style sideburns and a poofy collared shirt his immaculate facial hair and perfect smile prevail.

Overall Score: 30/30

In Conclusion:

All it really takes to be an outstanding music video boyfriend to everyone's favorite gal pal Taylor Swift is to dress nicely, have a good sense of humor, and be a good guy.

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