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    Here's A List Of The Most Iconic Plus-Size Characters In TV And Movies

    All hail the curvy queens!

    As someone who often struggles with trying to love my own body, there's nothing more inspiring than seeing other women like me embracing their curves in the best way.


    There are a number of amazing celebrities out there showing how good you can feel in your body. Rebel Wilson, Lizzo, and Melissa McCarthy are a few of those celebs.

    Getty Images: Gareth Cattermole / Matt Winkelmeyer/ David Livingston

    But that got me thinking: who are the fictional characters that are helping spread this message of body positivity? I've narrowed it down to the seven most influential plus-sized characters that only exist on the screen (and in our hearts, obviously).


    Donna Meagle from Parks and Recreation:


    Donna, the official diva of the Pawnee Parks Department, is nothing but beauty and bedazzled jean jackets. She drips confidence and knows her worth.

    Katie Otto from American Housewife:


    It was hard enough that Katie moved into a city full of botox-happy moms that only drink green juice, but Katie has been crushing it since episode one. She shows us every week that you don't need to meet the expectations of others in order to be extraordinary.

    Tracy Turnblad from Hairspray:

    New Line Cinema

    Even when nobody believed in her, Tracy never quit. She danced her way onto the Corny Collins Show and started a revolution where people would gain confidence and learn to look past appearances.

    Mindy Lahiri from The Mindy Project:


    When I think of strong plus-sized characters that never let their hang-ups about their body get in the way, I immediately think of Dr. Mindy Lahiri. Sure she sometimes felt less than thrilled about her body, but she never let it stand in the way of her love life or her career.

    Rae Earl from My Mad Fat Diary:


    Throughout the series, Rae struggles a lot with loving herself and accepting that people truly love her despite the way she looks. Seeing her learn to love herself on the journey is truly beautiful.

    Willowdean Dickson from Dumplin':


    Willowdean (and her friend Millie) set out to prove to the people in town that just because they don't look like the typical pageant contestants, they can still hold their heads high on the pageant stage. Along the way, both women learn to accept themselves for who they are on the inside and out, and take the whole pageant by storm.

    Sookie St. James from Gilmore Girls:

    The WB

    Sookie is the heart and soul of Stars Hollow. There is no point fighting me on this. She never let her looks influence her life. She's always going after her job and her relationships with full confidence, and she's an inspiration as a chef-chic fashion icon!