How Well Do You Know Popular Slogans?

“Just Do It.”

    1. Verizon
    2. verizon wireless
    1. Lay’s
    2. lays
    1. Toyota
    2. toyota
    1. PlayStation
    2. play station
    3. play-station
    1. L’Oreal
    2. loreal
    3. l’oreal paris
    1. Adidas
    1. Redbull
    2. red bull
    3. red-bull
    1. KFC
    2. kentucky fried chicken
    3. k f c
    1. Wal Mart
    2. wal-mart
    3. walmart
    1. Sony
    1. Coca Cola
    2. coke
    3. cocacola
    1. M&M
    2. m and m
    3. M&M’s
    4. m and m’s
    5. m&ms
    6. m and ms

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