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9 Things People With Unusual Career Goals Are Tired Of Hearing

"You want to be a what?"

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1. "Oh, that's a real thing?"

Comedy Central

2. "But what will your actual job be?"


3. "Oh, I think my boyfriend's uncle's hairdresser's neighbor is one of those. Or maybe not..."


4. "Is that what you went to school for?"


Can we not talk about the weather, like normal people?


5. "Are you sure?"


6. "You can get paid to do that?"

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That would be the definition of the word "job."

7. "But...are you sure?"


Again, yes. Contrary to popular belief, I've thought about this for more than twelve seconds.

8. "Have you considered being a [insert conventional, unappealing career option here] instead?"


9. "I hope that works out for you..."

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Anyone who says this never actually hopes it works out for you.

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