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14 Times Ed Sheeran Was Cute AF

Other than always.

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The time he rapped about chicken wings. / Via

Adorable, and also appreciative of a good chicken wing.

The time he met wax Ed Sheeran.

Ed Sheeran / Via

Who is equally cute AF.

When he finally got Helium Booth.

Ed Sheeran / Via

Beautiful, even in black and white... and with giant eyes.

...Or any other animal.

Ed Sheeran / Via

They have matching hair/feathers. So cute.

Don't forget the dog.

Ed Sheeran / Via

Or any time he was around children.

Ed Sheeran / Via

This may even be more cute than the chicken, to be honest.

Or how about the time he was a cowboy?

Ed Sheeran / Via
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