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    If You Live For Fashion But Lack Storage, Here Are 21 Ways To Maximize Your Space So You Can Buy More Clothes

    Because :::one piece in, one piece out::: simply isn't your philosophy.

    1. First thing's first — switch out your regular hangers for Wonder Hangers. They'll ~triple~ your closet space so you can snatch every trending piece you come across on TikTok.

    before and after of a reviewer using Wonder Hangers which shows how much room they saved

    2. Utilize a hanging closet organizer so you can store clunky things like sweatshirts, shoes, towels, and other items that take up an unreasonable amount of space when hung.

    two six-tier hanging organizers in a reviewer's closet

    3. Consider a set of drawer organizers. They may not look like much, but they can take your drawer from the chaos that is a T.J. Maxx sale section to the enviable order that is the Container Store.

    a reviewer's before and after photos of a disorganized drawer and then an orderly drawer

    4. Grab a set of shelf dividers, too, so you can maximize that hard-to-reach space in the top of your closet instead of just haphazardly throwing things up there and hoping they stay.

    reviewer's linen closet with shelf dividers to divide stacks of towels

    5. Pick up an elegant shoe storage ottoman where you can covertly hide all of the shoes that won't fit in your closet/mudroom/under your bed.

    6. Or, try out a shoe cabinet that's narrow enough to fit in a tight entry hall or foyer. At minimum, it holds eight pairs of sneakers, slip-ons, or sandals.

    7. Turn the back of any door into additional closet space with a lightweight system that can hold up to 16 T-shirts at once. That way, you can clean out what's supposed to be a "guest closet" but turned into a "second closet" for you instead.

    a t-shirt rack on a buzzfeeder's closet

    8. Use the few inches under your bed frame to store off-season clothes and extra linens (instead of just dust) with a set of storage bags.

    The gray storage bag being slipped under a bed

    9. Or — if you're looking for a BIG change — switch your regular old bed frame for a discreet upholstered bed that lifts up (with the aid of hydraulics) to reveal loaddddddddds of storage space.

    10. And add a velvet storage bench to the end of your bed while you're at it. You can use it to store pajamas, accessories, or other items you reach for frequently.

    11. Consider an Elfa closet organizer as you can arrange it any number of ways to create a custom storage solution. Need more shelves than hanging space? Sure thing! Only plan to hang shirts and nothing else? No problem! This maximizes every inch of your closet.

    The adjustable closet organizer which has two dowels for hanging clothes and two shelves for baskets/extra storage

    12. Invest in a hanger stacker because those suckers take up a whole lot of space, and throwing them in the back of your closet isn't the best solution.

    13. Hang a sleek, floor-length mirror with room to store all of the stinky shoes you don't want sitting out by your front door. You know, the Chucks, Tom's, and Rothys that you absolutely *love*, but don't want guests smelling the second they walk through your door.

    14. Reserve a space in your closet for a 23-loop scarf/belt/tie hanger. Gone are the days you have to search the bottom of your closet for that *one* belt that would just make your outfit.

    a reviewer's scarf holding with text overlay that says "Wahoo!! it looked small but there's 20+ scarves on here and holding up so well!"

    15. Ditch your shoe boxes for some nifty shoe stackers. The space-saving organizers stack one on top of the other and fit everything from booties and sneakers to stilettos and golf shoes.

    before of a cluttered shoe rack; after of the same shoe rack nicely organized

    16. Or, you can get ultra-organized with a set of uniform, stackable shoe boxes if you're looking to make your own walk-in wardrobe.

    17. Stow away winter coats, sweaters, and other items you know you won't use any time soon with hanging vacuum bags.

    18. Make a dedicated place for your toppers with a boho hat hanger that's practically a piece of art. Look, Schitt's Creek may be over (😭), but Alexis Rose will *always* be your style icon, and these guys aren't going anywhere.

    a model sitting in front of a hanger with five hats

    19. Make the most of an extra-deep closet with an over-the-door rod — the additional rack uses otherwise dead space, anyways!

    over the door clothing rail on the back of a closet door

    20. Keep your purses off your bedroom floor with a hanging organizer. It's designed with clear pockets so you can easily see everything in your collection without having to tear them out every time you want to switch up your look.

    the eight-pocket hanging purse organizer in white

    21. And try out a fancy schmancy motorized rotating rack — that affixes right to your closet rod — if your tie collection is quite the affair. (There's room for 72 in total!)

    the motorized rack holding various ties

    Fast-forward to me still hating literally everything in my closet. Butttt at least it's organized, for once in my life!!!!