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    29 Pieces Of Furniture With Hidden Storage And Versatile Uses

    Three-in-one shampoo/conditioner/body wash is a definite no, but three-in-one that's what I'm talking about.

    1. A folding, portable table with two storage shelves and room for up to four people when fully extended! This thing is like the Swiss Army knife of furniture — use it as a dining room table, desk, side table, or decorative console.

    the table when fully extended
    a reviewer's table folded up

    Promising review: "So happy with this table. It’s larger that I had anticipated which is great. Takes some time to assemble but it's totally worth it. In an NYC apartment, everyone appreciates furniture that can fold up and be neatly tucked away in a corner. It also arrived two weeks early which was great!" —Amber Martin

    Get it from Amazon for $122.99+ (available in three finishes).

    2. A three-in-one convertible chair guaranteed to unfold at the *exact* angle you prefer when watching TV. Use it as a regular chair, a chaise, or bed (that way you don't have to pull your mattress into the living room).

    a reviewer's gray chair with a matching pillow
    a different reviewer's chair unfolded into a mattress

    Promising review: "The thing with chair-beds is that beds need to be firm to be comfortable, but chairs need to be soft to be comfortable. This chair is firm, but not hard. It's nice and wide — reminds me of a chair-and-a-half. I like it a lot. I slept in it three nights and it was very comfortable. I have it in my guest bedroom with a twin bed so two people can use the room or just one with a chair. I kind of want another for my living room because you can also use it as a chaise lounge! Three uses is fantastic!" —Daisy

    Get it from Amazon for $309.99+ (available in seven colors).

    3. A discreet upholstered bed that looks like any ol' frame, until you lift up your mattress (with the aid of hydraulics) to reveal loaddddddddds of storage space where you can store off-season clothes or just the bag of Haribo gummies you don't want your partner to eat.

    the grey upholstered bed lifted up to show the storage underneath
    the bed in beige

    Promising review: "VERY well packaged and manufactured. Directions not the best (parts not labeled) but wasn't a big issue. Took about an hour to assemble (I have done lots of similar projects). The bed surpassed my expectations for detail, fit, and finish." —rickey busch

    Get it from Amazon for $279.99 (available in Full and Queen sizes and in seven colors/styles). 

    4. A four-tier rotating storage cube where you can show off your sickest Blu-ray discs/collectibles. If guests happen to catch you on an off day, though, you can swivel the cubes so clutter is out of view.

    a reviewer's storage cubes holding DVDs and trinkets
    the sleek side profile of the espresso storage unit

    Promising review: "This piece looks great and completely solves the problem I had of my Blu-rays, DVDs, and games being scattered all around because there was no place to put them all. It looks sleek and takes up very little floor space, due to its storage capacity being in height rather than width. My collection used to take up desk space, dresser space, and bookshelf space. Now, it's all in one attractive, compact unit that I can also use to properly display my collectibles :) All you need for assembly is a medium-size Philips head screwdriver. It's easy to assemble and (very important) easy to move, as you can carry the boxes one at a time to wherever you need them." —Rebekah

    Get it from Amazon for $76.97.

    5. A sleek floor-length mirror with room to store all of the stinky shoes you don't want sitting out by your front door. You know, the Chucks, Tom's, and Rothys that you absolutely *love*, but don't want guests smelling the second they walk through your door.

    the black mirror when closed
    the mirror with its door opening revealing shoes

    Promising review: "Great shoe storage option for our New York apartment." —Katherine

    Get it from Wayfair for $243.99 (originally $278.55).

    6. Or, a unobtrusive cabinet narrow enough to fit in tight mudrooms, entry halls, and foyers. At minimum, it holds eight pairs of sneakers, slip-ons, or sandals.

    The white shoe cabinet which has four compartments
    The white cabinet with two drawers open revealing shoes

    The shoe holder frees up floorspace and keeps shoes ventilated so you don't have to worry about your foot funk making its way to other rooms.

    Promising review: "I needed something that was narrow enough to fit in the my entryway to hold all my shoes instead of jammed in the closet where I couldn't see them. I love this cabinet as it doesn't take up much space in the entryway, it provides a place for a lot of my shoes, and it has a narrow top that can hold items but is small enough not to encourage gathering too much stuff. It's highly functional and looks great in small spaces." —Minimalist

    Get it from Ikea for $149.99.

    7. An hourglass accent stool that looks like it'd be right at home in Kim Kardashian's all-white Calabasas mansion. Since the top slides right off, you can store whatever you want inside, be it unsightly dog toys or pre-bought Christmas presents you don't want your kids to find.

    A reviewer's photo of the white table/stool on their balcony
    The white accent stool which is hourglass shaped

    Promising review: "I was shopping around for a couple of months trying to find auxiliary seating and storage for my stylish, but tiny space. There are many similar options on the market for sculptural, multi-purpose pieces. At this price, I figured I'd take a chance, and I'm glad I did. These are lightweight AND sturdy. The texture matches my matte-white chairs. This definitely looks more expensive than it is. The hidden storage may be lovely, but I'm not really 'storing' anything in there, except some linens and a bag of marbles to add weight. Update: I just bought a second one. They make great side tables, foot rests, and impromptu stools." —M Roy Clark

    Get it from Amazon for $42.93+ (available in four colors).

    8. A six-piece sectional sofa you can configure however you like be that in a traditional L or — hear me out here — as a MEGA bed for movie nights.

    a model placing a cushion on a grey couch
    the sectional arranged in an L

    Burrow is a direct-to-consumer furniture company from Stephen Kuhl and Kabeer Chopra. The two are focused on modular furniture that is simultaneously affordable, lightweight, and easy to put together so they turn into heirloom pieces, not headaches when it's time to move.

    Get it from Burrow for $2,795 (available in four colors and three leg finishes).

    9. A space-saving kitchen island with a drop-leaf top and two concealed stools you can whip out whenever you need extra seating. Idk who designed this baby, but studio dwellers everywhere are singing your praise.

    a reviewer with the three-piece set stored compactly
    the same reviewer's table with the leaf extended and stools in use

    Promising review: "VERY easy to build! We love this! I grabbed this wanting to have more counter space and a place for my kids to sit at to help me cook. I love how the stools can be stored inside when not in use and the wheels allow me to move it around as needed. I did have some issues with the drawers opening and closing, but that was my builder error (just make sure the stoppers are pushed in as far as they will go before you put the drawers in!) Great little kitchen cart!" —jcee512

    Get the three-piece set from Amazon for $116.95.

    10. A corner credenza that also serves as a dog crate so Sparky isn't the only one with an ugly bed. Plus, more importantly, your living room doesn't have to harbor an eyesore of a crate.

    the corner credenza in coral

    The large piece comes fully assembled (!!) and the manufacturer says it can fit XXL pups (think 90+ pounders).

    Promising review: "We got this and it fits perfectly for where I wanted it to go. It looks like a really nice piece of furniture and not a simply dog kennel. I made pillows to fit the bottom of it perfectly and our three small dogs love it. We have to coax them to come out sometimes. Delivery guys were very pleasant and called half an hour in advance to getting here and were here right when they said they would be. Another great experience with Wayfair! I love this company!" —Brenda

    Get it from Wayfair for $1,089.62 (available in 23 colors and three top finishes).