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    29 Useful Home Things From Small Businesses You Should Have Owned Like Yesterday

    Sheet sets, cleaning concentrates, and shampoo bars you'll be seriously sad you *just* discovered.

    1. A eucalyptus sheet set that could easily pass as silk. You know that feeling of when you shave your legs, lotion up, and then crawl into bed? That's what these sheets feel like 24/7 even if you haven't bought a razor since pre-quarantine times.

    the sheet set in snow with a forest green duvet

    2. A magnetic meal planner you can stick right to your fridge so you can easily keep track of the week's menu and any groceries you may need to pick up. Once you've written your list, rip out the perforated page and take it with you.

    A hand tearing away one of the grocery list sheets

    3. An eight-piece painting kit so when TikTok triggers your need to DIY something stat, you have all the necessary tools. Look, a paper plate makes for a paint tray in a pinch, but there's no replacing a pole extender. (Don't you dare stand on a rolly chair, you hear!)

    the eight piece kit

    4. A bag of "Johnny Drops" which, for the uninitiated, are like bath bombs for your toilet! Just drop one of the concentrated hydrogen peroxide tablets in, wait five minutes or so, give your toilet bowl a good lil' swipe with your cleaning wand, and you're golden.

    a paper bag next to a stack of the white toilet tablets

    5. A portable facial humidifier you can use right before a Zoom meeting (or during — it's that quiet) to give your skin a nice lil' glow.

    6. A faux fur weighted blanket that's filled with Earth-friendly glass beads ready to slash your stress and help ya sleep. Unlike most of its competitors, you can even throw it in the washing machine!

    a model using the honey-colored weighted blanket

    7. A sleek hanging file holder so you can free your desktop of magazines, mail, and medical records and make them into ~art~ instead.

    four leather file holders in black, tan, walnut, and mahogony

    8. A washable sponge with a seriously shocking lifespan. According to reviewers, when washed and rotated in and out of use, they can last upwards of a year!

    9. A faux book display that actually hides cords and cables in its hollow interior. If your router is ruining the aesthetic of your bookshelf or media stand, this is the solution!

    Four photos which show how from the front, the display looks like a stack of books but from the back it's actually empty

    10. A bottle of all-purpose cleaning concentrate you can use on messes in every corner of your home. Just spray it onto surfaces — like your kitchen counter or bathroom vanity — then let it sit for ~30ish seconds before wiping it away.

    three bottles of the all-purpose cleaner in different scents

    11. An eco-friendly pill remover constructed from upcycled car windshield glass. Using gentle strokes, run the stone across your sweaters, towels, throw blankets, and even upholstered furniture to remove stubborn pills and fuzzies.

    a model using the black pill remover on a sweater

    12. A set of eco-friendly bamboo and glass jars that will keep your food fresh (airtight seals, baby!) and your pantry in tip-top shape.

    Six of the bamboo and glass jars filled with pasta, rice, beans, and oats

    13. Plus some cutesy customized labels to go with them so you always know what you're reaching for.

    Six of the customized labels which read "Lucie's Kitchen" and rolled oats, cocoa powder, brown sugar, golden caster sugar, and icing sugar

    14. A fruity, cotton-candy–esque concentrate you can dilute and use on cabinets, countertops, walls, windows, cars, and more. Dump some on your floor when you mop or make it into a paste to put on set-in stains. Heck, you can even add it to your laundry detergent for an extra cleaning boost.

    the 16.9-ounce bottle of all-purpose cleaner concentrate

    15. An all-natural, hand-harvested bath sponge that'll clean your nooks and crannies as well as any loofah but with the added benefit of being biodegradable. Once it's noticeably grubby, just toss it in the wash (with water 85 degrees or less) for a revitalizing rinse.

    The natural sea sponge which has a rope so it can be hung to dry

    16. A set of reusable mesh produce bags you can use to keep your produce haul plastic-free. Once you're home, you can continue to use them in the fridge in order to keep everything organized.

    17. A shampoo bar that'll save you loads of shower space and prevent more single-use bottles from ending up in a landfill. Each bar ships in entirely compostable packaging and you'll get 50 to 75 washes (roughly two to six months) of use. 🧼

    Hands holding five different shampoo bar scents

    18. A set of monogrammed makeup towels guaranteed not to stain when you wipe off two coats of waterproof mascara. Perhaps even better, your guests/your S.O. will know right away that they aren't for wiping their hands — that's what the non-monogrammed towels are for.

    two of the black makeup towels hanging in a bathroom

    19. An all-natural detergent made specifically for undergarments as it doesn't have any parabens, sulfates, or harsh fragrances that could wreak havoc on your nether regions.

    a hand holding the bottle of detergent

    20. A bottle of versatile organic Castile soap that puts two-in-one products to shame. The simple, plant-derived formula can be used to wash your car, floors, counters, and laundry and if you happen to run out of toiletries, it also works as a body wash and shampoo for you or your pet.

    the 34-ounce bottle of organic lavender soap

    21. A set of glass straws so you can stop ~borrowing~ a handful every time you drop by Dunkin'/Starbucks/Tim Hortons.

    straws in green, blue, clear, yellow, and amber

    22. A biodegradable vegan dish block that can cut through grease and grime all over your home. Use the sudsy, dye- and fragrance-free formula to wash your dishes, spot clean your carpets and laundry, remove adhesive residue, and more. A single bar can last more than a month!

    23. A lavender-scented carpet refresher with the power to neutralize foul odors all around your home. Sprinkle it liberally on rugs, upholstery, mattresses, or dissolve it in warm water and use it to wipe down counters. Either way, you'll enjoy a big ol' whiff of fresh fragrance afterwards.

    a bag of carpet refresher powder next to purple stones and sprigs of lavender

    24. A pack of reusable "paper" towels you can use and wash and use and wash for years to come. Forget going through an entire roll of one-and-done paper towels just for a single OJ spill — just one of these guys will get the job done.

    three packs of the reusable towels

    25. A Sheex x brrr° silky sleep mask that cools your noggin and encourages quality sleep with what the brand calls the Triple Chill Effect — a quick-drying, sweat-wicking, mineral-infused fabric that blocks out light and even helps relieve tension headaches.

    a model wearing the mask in mist gray

    26. A remote control caddy you can throw over the arm of your couch so you don't have to spend precious time digging through your cushions to find it. If you've ever had to download an app on your phone to replace a missing Roku remote, this is for you.

    the beige caddy on the arm of a couch

    27. A reusable heating pad you can pop in the microwave and then place around your neck (or really anywhere) for long-lasting heat.

    Six of the patterned heaters

    28. A hand-thrown stoneware mug that might just convince you to make coffee at home. Each wabi-sabi (perfectly imperfect) piece has its own quirks, so no other mug will be identical to yours.

    a hand holding the pink speckled stoneware mug

    29. And, to go with that, a colorful macrame coaster so you can take your coffee all over the house without worrying about cup rings.

    the coasters in  neutral, pink, orange, mustard, sage, blue, and lavender

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