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    29 Home Decor Pieces From Etsy We Bet No One Else You Know Will Have

    One-of-a-kind finds sure to make all your friends (and enemies) jealous.

    1. A whimsical cloud lampshade that softly diffuses light and makes you feel like you're falling asleep under a perfect Pixar sky. ☁️ ☁️ ☁️

    three cloud lamps hanging from a ceiling

    2. A ~wavy~ incense holder I've been staring at for a good twenty minutes. I don't even burn incense but this is making me seriously consider it!

    the white and teal curved incense holder

    3. A hand-blown, purse-shaped vase that looks like it was lifted from an art museum. Whether filled with a bouquet, a stash of green M&Ms, or left empty, it'll draw eyes.

    4. An adorable shower curtain with Boston terriers, dachshunds, and Cavalier King Charles spaniels all sporting polka-dotted bath caps. It'll have you saying "awwww," every time you enter your bathroom for a good month.

    the green shower curtain with dogs wearing shower caps

    5. A stained glass banana that pays homage to Maurizio Cattelan’s controversial Art Basel piece. While Comedian may have gone for $120,000, this version goes for less than $35 and you don't have to worry about it rotting away. 🙏

    the yellow banana and duct tape stained glass

    6. A concrete catchall dish hand-poured in the shape of, well, hands! Use it to store jewelry, keys, and coins, or as a home for tea lights.

    the non-pigmented concrete catchall dish holding earrings

    7. A handmade cracker cushion that appeals to the same part of me that loves Mini Brands. Yes, it's literally the ~complete opposite~ in terms of scale, but the extreme proportions are just as delightful.

    8. A vintage suitcase shelf that's sure to please any Wes Anderson aficionado. Use them to display your worldy knickknacks and/or vintage ephemera in cinematic style.

    five vintage suitcases hung on the wall holding knicknacks

    9. A sculptural lampshade with a flirty, fabric-esque design that makes me want to twirl around. The irregular shape also throws light in really interesting ways!

    the pink sculptural lampshade

    10. A personalized neon sign for those who've taken the last year to convert their extra space into an at-home bar.

    a example blue neon sign that says "Your name's home bar"

    11. A peel-and-stick wallpaper with a bold, in-your-face print that makes for an easy accent wall guests will be enamored with.

    The green, orange, and gold tiger wallpaper

    12. A jumbo clothespin hook that will guarantee your towel never falls to the floor again! Be gone, tiny, unreliable hooks — these guys have it from here.

    three jumbo clothespins hanging on a wall holding towels

    13. A set of removable tile decals you can slap on over tired stairs. They look like legit tiles sourced from Portugal or Morocco but they take less than 10 minutes to apply.

    stair raisers in the brand's Campagne Navy print

    14. A one-of-a-kind preserved moss mural that requires no maintenance whatsoever! If past plants haven't faired well due to infrequent watering or insufficient natural light, this is the greenery for you.

    the bright green moss and floral display

    15. A vinyl-topped side table with mid-century modern styling and your choice of record. You can even decide if you want the A side or B side to be on display.

    an atlantic record on top of the wooden table with hairpin legs

    16. A Froot Loops-inspired candle that will both delight and confuse all who see it. Since the soy candle comes in a real cereal bowl with a real spoon, it's quite the conversation starter.

    three of the Froot Loop candles

    17. A rustic dried floral arrangement that sure beats the ~crispy~ past-its-prime bouquet you've had sitting on your shelf for six months.

    the rustic dried arrangement in an amber vase

    18. A framed rhino beetle if your aesthetic leans a lil' spooky. The taxidermied curios has been professionally preserved by an entomologist and it's kept safe behind UV-blocking glass so its colors will never fade.

    a rhino beetle in a black frame

    19. A curvy, made-to-order mirror for people who love amorphous, blobby silhouettes like those that've been taking TikTok by storm.

    20. A twisty glass candle holder that nearly every reviewer says they'll be passing down as a family heirloom. Psst if anyone else ever needs to re-home these bebes, feel free to add me to your list!

    two of the twisted amber candle holders

    21. A set of cabinet legs to take your Ikea or Target cubbies up a notch. Add these on and no one will even realize they got the same cabinet during a BOGO event last year.

    the yellow legs attached to a white ikea cabinet

    22. A sweet lil' stoneware planter with anthropomorphic features sure to cheer you up every time you lay eyes on it. Some people have dogs, some people have cats, but I bet no one else you know has this exuberant lil' guy/gal.

    the ceramic pot holding a plant

    23. A driftwood jewelry display that will make people do a double take to check and see if they walked into their friend's house or their favorite boho boutique.

    four dirftwood jewelry holders in various sizes

    24. A set of fleurs des frites vases in franchise-appropriate Mickey D's colors or a more ~aesthetic~ pale pink.

    25. An LOL-worthy Kevin Malone clock that perfectly encapsulates his first time eating the veggie — and without Cheez Whiz or hollandaise, no less!

    the white clock which has Kevin for the numbers and arms holding broccoli as the hands

    26. A light-up Pokemon terrarium that's home to a sleepy baby Charmander. Regular terrariums are a dime a dozen — or like a Bulbasaur, if you will. But a Pokeball one? That's basically a first edition shadowless holographic Charizard.

    the light-up Pokeball terrarium

    27. A made-to-order knot pillow wrapped in luxurious velvet. If you're a design enthusiast or you've mastered every knot in the Boy Scout handbook, I'm certain you'll appreciate it.

    28. A contemporary wire sculpture that takes up little space but makes a major impact no matter where it's placed.

    a black wire sculpture in the shape of an abstract face

    29. And — for my fellow Always Sunny in Philadelphia fans — a v, v meta reproduction of Danny DeVito portraying Frank Reynolds portraying art collector Ango Gobloggian.

    the framed print of Danny Devito as Ango Gobloggian

    You when everyone asks where you got your cool new pieces:

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