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    27 Unique Home Decor Pieces On Etsy That Scream "Spring"

    The sun is shining, your spring cleaning is complete, and you know what that means... time to shop for seasonal decor.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A whimsical bubblegum-blowin' animal vase that will capture the attention (and heart) of anyone who enters your home.

    zebra and giraffe vases blowing bubbles

    2. A vintage tennis racket you can have custom embroidered with your wildflower of choice, childhood dog, or even your fave RuPaul's Drag Race contestant (I assume). All the seller requests is an image of what you'd like so they can recreate it!

    3. A DIY vintage camper/bird house that happens to be the ideal size for neighborhood bluejays and robins. Follow the instructions to put it together and paint it, then fill it with birdseed before planting it outside whatever window you spend the most time near.

    a fully assembled blue trailer bird house

    4. A cheery orange trinket tray where you can throw all of your coins so they *don't* get lost between couch cushions. Plus, once you have $3 or so, you can hit the ice cream truck that parks just down the block.

    the orange trinket dish on a table

    5. A two-tier Art Deco chandelier with 100 transparent test tubes you can fill with your favorite flowers.

    6. A handmade 3D butterfly pillow that immediately made me think of Hilary Duff's Metamorphosis album which is definitely spring-appropriate programming.

    yellow pillow cover with yellow, orange, and red 3D butterflies

    7. A macrame envelope where you can store snail mail, BB&B coupons, and/or your secret stash of Reese's eggs if other members of your household aren't to be trusted.

    the cream-colored macrame envelope holder holding a few cards

    8. A ceramic lips planter that makes me think of both The Rolling Stones and The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Basically, it makes me want to throw open the windows, enjoy the breeze, and sing along (badly) to songs that I only know 50% off the lyrics to.

    someone holding the red lips planter which has a plant inside

    9. An Aperol spritz print so colorful and bright, it's *almost* as refreshing as the drink itself.

    the pink Aperol poster hanging over a bed

    10. A custom acrylic vase that'll not only provide a home for your fresh bouquet of the week, but also throw beautiful colors all over any blank wall.

    acrylic vases in a bright colors and geometric shapes

    11. A set of skateboard shelves you can totally keep up year-round, but they feel *especially* fit for spring. Choose between new or previously loved boards and even specify the exact colors you'd like if you're looking to stick to a certain palette.

    a blue board and green board mounted as shelves

    12. A groovy tea light holder that'll add some '70s flair to any space with its checkered pattern and floral shape. Pop a mango, strawberry, or lilac candle in there for maximum spring effect.

    a hand hold a yellow checkered tea light holder

    13. A handwoven Senegalese basket with a lid that delightfully hides whatever is placed inside. If spring cleaning has left you with a pile of stuff that you don't want to part with but that also doesn't have a home, this baby has you covered.

    the turquoise basket which has a lid

    14. A lil' froggy door mat that'll make April's showers a welcome event. Just look how happy he is. 🥺

    the green and gray frog doormat

    15. A boho hat hanger where you can stylishly store all of the toppers you bought because Alexis Rose is your style icon. Schitt's Creek may be over (😭), but these guys aren't going anywhere.

    a model sitting in front of a hanger with five hats

    16. A watercolor peony mural in 50 enchanting shades of mauve. It's peel and stick, so if you're feeling something different for summer or fall, it's easy to swap out!

    the purple floral mural on a wall behind a bed

    17. A gold frame full of pressed flowers that will bring you the same joy as a fresh bouquet. Actually, it does you one better since it won't ever wilt or possibly poison your cat.

    yellow and white pressed flowers in a gold frame

    18. A 3D flower wall hanging for those who have no desire (or ability) to keep an actual plant alive.

    three of the golf floral pieces arranged on a wall

    19. A door mat that speaks to my introverted nature — something that has only been strengthened after spending a year alone indoors.

    a door mat with the words live laugh leave

    20. A succulent carousel you can regularly rotate to make sure all of your children have equal access to your apartment's limited sun.

    the black carousel with six potted plants

    21. A floral pillow that definitely says spring, but also gives off major Grandmillennial vibes that will translate the whole year through.

    the blue grey floral pillow cover

    22. A Magic Castle suncatcher to create delightful lil' rainbows right in your room. Because Zoom meetings with artificial rainbows in the background > Zoom meetings with regular ol' sunlight.

    a hand holding the magic castle suncatcher which is throwing a rainbow on the wall

    23. An itty bitty cactus so small, you could tuck it in your pocket. You wouldn't want to do that, though, 'cause the little spikes would *definitely* get caught. Instead, try placing it on your desk.

    a hand holding the tiny gray pot with a flowering cactus inside

    24. A Polaroid-style cat magnet you can slap on your fridge / Ikea bar cart / whiteboard for a lil' extra serotonin.

    a hand holding two cat magnets in front of an actual cat

    25. A colorful yin yang candle so freakin' cute, you won't ever burn it. That said, you will keep it dusted and in eyesight at all times for maximum enjoyment.

    the candles in orange, brown, white, pink, yellow, purple, green, and blue

    26. A La Croix planter that speaks to your two favorite hobbies: collecting house plants and sipping carbonated water.

    a blue La Croix planter with an air plant in it

    27. And — if you're ready to splurge — a wavy lucite coffee table sure to have everyone asking "OMG where did you get that!?"

    a blue lucite coffee table with wavy legs

    Your face when your friend says "Make sure you remind me where you got that later!"

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