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    31 Things Under $15 To Buy Yourself Right Now Just Because

    Eyebrow soaps, Disney cookbooks, Sriracha keychains, and a few things that'll truly have you saying, "wut" and "I must have it."

    1. A pair of trendy sunnies that look like Ray-Bans but will run you way, way less because I *did* promise only under-$15 items and I intend to deliver. 😎

    2. A refreshing blueberry cleanser with exfoliating AHAs that are both gentle on skin and tough on that leftover mascara you "forgot" to take off before sliding into bed last night...

    3. A set of chunky claw clips because if you're anything like me, the neck sweats creep in the second temps hit 60 and above and you'll be wanting to get your hair up and out of the danger zone.

    4. A copy of The Unofficial Disney Parks Cookbook so you can curb long-standing cravings and make your own Mickey Pretzels, Dole Whips, and Matterhorn Macaroons right at home.

    the blue cookbook cover

    5. A bottle of plant-based cuticle oil if your nails have been hurting from months of missed manicures. The natural formula hydrates dry skin and strengthens your nails so you can work on growing them out, if that's something you've always dreamt of doing!

    6. An admittedly questionable but inarguably hilarious toothpaste cap for anyone whose top four favorite movies include Shrek, Shrek 2, Shrek The Third, and Shrek Forever After.

    7. A two-pack of eyebrow soaps because you've been growing out your quarantine brows just for this moment — even if you didn't know it before now.

    8. An oil-absorbing volcanic face roller that works just like your go-to oil-blotting sheets but it doesn't create any extra waste. Just roll the mattifying stick all over your T-zone (or anywhere else that gets greasy) and soak up excess oil.

    9. A leopard-print sarong you can throw on over your bathing suit when you finally get to hit the beach this summer!!! Look, it's been over a year for most of us, so embrace your extra-ness.

    10. A 30-pack of hyaluronic eye patches that stimulate collagen production, reduce dark circles and puffiness, and restore elasticity. They're like $10 bucks but they're also gold, so they feel extra luxe.

    11. A Sriracha hot sauce keychain so you can keep your #1 condiment close at hand because you'll be damned if you have to pay 75 cents for an extra sauce when it's SO obvious that your meal *should* have come with two to start.

    a hand holding the keychain which is the size of a small hand sanitizer

    12. A glass tumbler with a silicone sleeve that'll protect your fingers from the 83 ice cubes you stuffed in your iced coffee.

    13. A pressed floral bookmark you can use to keep your place in your park read. Have you managed to get past page five in the last three weekends you came out to sunbathe? Perhaps not, but that's nobody's business but yours!

    14. A pair of LED light saber chopsticks sure to inspire a lil' food fight. Though I'm talking a fake one, of course, because sushi is too expensive to be throwing anywhere but down your gullet.

    a reviewer's photo of the green chopsticks used with sushi

    15. A psychedelic lava lamp you can stare at until you fall asleep each night. I'm 28 and still don't understand what they are or how they work but I *am* drawn to them like a moth to a flame.

    a reviewer's blue and green lava lamp

    16. A 66-foot string of fairy lights with five different brightness modes, four timing functions, and a remote control so you never have to get out of bed or off the couch to shut them off.

    17. A pack of inflatable cup holders because pool weather is just around the corner and it'd be so embarrassing if you didn't have these on hand for guests. I kid, of course, but try telling me your friends wouldn't love 'em.

    18. A hanging strawberry planter you can use to house the new succulent you just couldn't walk away without after seeing it while you were in line at Whole Foods.

    the red strawberry-shaped planter holding a succulent

    19. A Dunkin' Donuts AirPod case je REFUSE to shut up about. Hi, I'm Chelsea and I'm from New England and yes, Dunks IS part of my personality!!!!!

    20. A baby Groot flower pot with the most expressive eyes I ever did see. Having a bad day? Shoot a glance his way and things are sure to turn around.

    The baby Groot pot shown with three different types of plants

    21. A Jason Momoa coloring book which will give you ample time to admire the curvature of his every muscle and bounce of each beachy wave.

    The coloring book cover which has Jason Momoa posed in front of a surfboard on the beach

    22. A chonky seal pillow that won't judge you when you wake up at 1 p.m. and then climb back into bed with your leftover Dominos.

    23. A mini ladybug vacuum ready to suck up eraser shavings and chip crumbs, because despite the fact that you're at home and they're no longer free, the snacks are still flowing.

    A reviewer's photo of the ladybug vacuum which is roughly the size of a computer mouse

    24. A daily productivity pad with sections for things you seriously need to do, things that would be nice to do, and things you'll only get done if a miracle somehow occurs.

    The daily planner which has three cat-themed sections

    25. A canvas cup holder made to cuddle your iced coffee on your walk back from Starbucks. If you drink iced bevvies year-round (sorry, but it's the only way to go), it'll keep your fingers from freezing.

    26. A memory foam baguette wrist rest to keep your arms stress-free from the time you log on to Slack to the time you close your computer for the night (4:59:59 pm).

    A reviewer's photo of the baguette wrist rest in front of their keyboard

    27. A set of cutesy "in season" cord savers so your brand new lightning cable doesn't suffer the same fate as your last two: death by razor-sharp cat teefs.

    a cellphone with a pizza, apple, and lemon cord charm

    28. An ~affordable~ candle subscription because there's just nothing as gratifying as a guest saying "OMG it smells so good in here!" the second they walk through the door.

    29. A handheld milk frother with a faux wood or marble finish that does cartwheels around its plain plastic competitors. No moving this gadget out of frame when you take an aesthetic IG shot!

    The milk frother which comes in different wood and stone finishes

    30. A two-pack of satin pillowcases that are so freaking silky, you'll want to rub your face all over them. Guess I should also mention that they can help reduce hair breakage and prevent facial wrinkles, too.

    The pillowcases in navy

    31. And set of colorful catchall trays to take your miscellaneous pile of junk — you know, spare change, chapstick tubes, keys to unknown doors — and give it a real place to call home. That way, it won't be the first thing that catches your eye when you walk into an otherwise clean room.

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