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    Just 41 Things That'll Keep You Nice And Toasty This Winter

    🧘‍♀️Brb, becoming one with my sweatsuit 🧘‍♀️

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    Unless otherwise specified, all sizes in this post are listed in women's.

    1. An ultra-lofty down duvet insert with puffy baffle box construction that keeps out the cold. Wrapped up in this, I basically feel like the Michelin Man which, until now, I didn't realize was my peak form.

    The white down duvet which has baffle box construction

    2. A faux-shearling pullover that's even more comfortable than your go-to PJs. The lapel collar is not only stylish, but protects against (what feels like) gale force winds.

    3. A heated seat cover because sliding your butt onto a freezing leather surface isn't how ~most~ people like to start their day.

    The black seat warmers which attach to the seat via elastic bands

    4. A chunky hand-knit jumper with dramatic drop shoulders and a thick collar you can pull right up over your nose while you're sitting in bed scrolling TikTok. (I'm going to assume everyone does this — not just me.)

    A model wearing the sweater in blue

    5. A spa-esque towel warmer for those who LIVE for taking fresh linens out of the dryer and then immediately cocooning in them. This is honestly the thing I miss most about not having laundry in my building.

    A model pulling a towel out of the silver towel warmer

    6. A two-piece sweatsuit that you'll wear so often, it'll basically become a second skin. Do yourself a favor and get at least two so you have a set for daytime use and another for PJs.

    7. A rechargeable, double-sided hand warmer with three to four hours of juice — plenty for keeping your mitts comfortable whether outdoors, at the office, or just lounging on the couch.

    8. A linen duvet cover that delivers a low-fuss, lived-in look and all-season comfort with a breathable weave that keeps you warm in winter and cool in summer.

    9. A temperature-controlled smart mug guaranteed to keep your latte alive and kicking for however long it takes you to drink it. Once paired with your smartphone, you can choose the exact degree you'd like your beverage (between 120 degrees F to 145 degrees F), so no more sippin' on lukewarm coffee at your midday meeting!

    10. A cozy sweater dress with pockets you can shove your freezing fingers into. Add some tights or thigh-high boots and you're golden, baby!

    11. A hot stone massage kit that comes in a freaking clam shell! Why? TBH I couldn't tell you, but I do love it.

    The four-piece stone kit which comes in a clamshell warmer

    12. A pair of Ugg Fluff Yeah slippers with plush sheepskin and a lil' peep toe so your tootsies can breathe. Sometimes you just want the best of both worlds, ya know?

    13. Or, if you're looking for something more budget-friendly, a pair of criss-cross faux fur slippers that also have a peep toe as well as memory foam insoles that feel like a million bucks.

    14. An easy-to-install Tushy 3.0 bidet which will save you serious $$$ on toilet paper and have you feeling clean as a whistle (whatever that means) with its temperature-controlled stream.

    15. A Universal Standard Everest hooded puffer which, in a nutshell, is like being wrapped up in the coziest, warmest, ~chicest~ sleeping bag imaginable — just trust me on this one.

    16. An antioxidant-rich Farmacy honey mask that's not only moisturizing, but warming! Spread a thick layer over your face, massage it in real nice, and enjoy the gentle heat for 10 to 15 minutes before washing it away.

    The 4.1-ounce glass jar

    17. An adjustable heated mousepad if your workspace ~always~ seems to have a draft — no matter what the thermostat is set to.

    The pink adjustable hand warmer

    18. A teddy coat that's positively hibernation-ready but also sophisticated thanks to its tailored silhouette and large lapels.

    19. A heated mattress pad with dual controls so you can bump the heat up to 100 on your side and not have to worry about your already-sweaty bedfellow.

    The heated mattress pad which has two controls

    20. A faux fur headband that will protect your ears from frigid temps and make it look like you just stepped off a lift in Vail. The fact that you're actually just wearing it on a run to get a BEC at your favorite bodega is beside the point.

    21. A hand-knit merino wool blanket so hygge, your whole family will be fighting over who gets to use it. Set an early morning alarm and *maybe* you'll snag it before the dog.

    The gray knit blanket draped over a chair

    22. A pair of fleece-lined faux leather leggings that are sexy, soft, and oh-so warm. If you've been eyeing a pair from Spanx but don't have $100 to shell out, they're a great dupe!

    23. A pair of fuzzy socks for those with ice-cold toes that just *refuse* to warm up — even once the rest of your body has come up to a normal temp.

    A reviewer wearing the socks in black and white

    24. A teensy space heater you can plop right on top of your desk or hang on a nearby hook. Some reviewers say it's the perfect size for pets, too — just place it right in front of their bed or whatever cardboard box they're enamored with these days.

    25. A heathered Barefoot Dreams robe with a plush shawl collar and mid-calf length. Whether or not you wear anything underneath is between you and your robe!

    26. A waterproof ice scraper mitt because if you've ever swiped your entire arm across your windshield, you know it's neither the most effective nor heat-preserving method you could choose. And if your hand hits a jagged piece of ice in the process? Forget it. 😬

    A model using the mitt to scrape snow off of a windshield

    27. A reusable heating pad you can pop in the microwave and then place around your neck (or really anywhere) for long-lasting heat.

    Six of the patterned heaters

    28. A wearable blanket for those days when a regular ol' throw just isn't cutting it. Layer this on underneath and now you're playing ball.

    29. A set of wool mittens you can wear on your run to Starbucks because it may be 20 degrees out, but nothing could ever stand between you and your venti vanilla iced latte. 🥶

    A reviewer wearing the mittens in black

    30. An easy-to-use insulator kit if countless emails to your landlord about a 2-inch gap in your window have gone unanswered. (🎶 Welcome to New York, it's been waitin' for you! 🎶)

    31. A pair of Sperry boots so you can stomp through rain and snow without getting soggy socks — something I'm pretty sure we can all agree is the absolute worst.

    32. A cult-favorite Orolay parka with approx. 45 pockets, a fleece-lined hood, and a midi design that keeps all your bits covered and warm.

    33. A set of affordable flannel sheets so you can roll yourself into a toasty lil' burrito any time you climb into bed.

    The flannel sheet set in winter white

    34. A set of L.L. Bean insoles with temperature-regulating shearling that also wicks away sweat and keeps odor on the DL. With these, stanky toes will be a secret kept between you and your duck boots.

    The natural shearling insoles which have a red bottom

    35. A handmade faux fur bucket hat that will soon become a staple in your wardrobe. Yes, it'll keep your noggin nice and warm, but it'll also be a magnet for compliments and "Where'd you get that?!" inquiries.

    36. A mini Crock-Pot food warmer you can use right at your desk — no need to fight over the one office microwave that always smells like fish!

    37. A cult-favorite Fellow electric kettle for those who obsess (and I mean obsess) over their at-home brews. A dial allows you to adjust the temperature by individual degrees and a hold button means you can keep your water at the perfect temp once it's done.

    The kettle in pink and maple

    38. A pair of pile-lined Uniqlo sweats you can wear to sleep, WFH, run errands, and/or watch 48 consecutive hours of Survivor in.