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    44 Things That Will Help You Save Time, Energy, And Money

    Super-affordable meal plans, workhorse beauty supplies, and cleaning products you can use on just about everything.

    1. A touchless vacuum you can sweep debris right into. No more song and dance with your dust pan trying to brush up every last speck of dust.

    The touchless vacuum in black

    2. A hands-free shopping bag carrier because everyone in your household seems to be on the phone, in the bathroom, or completely MIA when it's time to bring the groceries in. Luckily, this handle basically turns you into Hercules.

    3. A six-piece plastic drawer organizer set to lend your junk drawer a little bit of order at least. Use the clear containers separately, stacked, or however you see fit and they'll make it a whole lot easier to find your stuff.

    the clear containers holding hair and makeup accessories

    4. A flexible EveryPlate subscription so you can forget about cooking after a long day at work and enjoy a homestyle meal for less than five bucks a plate!

    Moo Shu beef bowls

    5. A John Frieda hot air brush that makes blow-drying a legitimate breeze and leaves you with a fresh-from-the-stylist's-chair 'do.

    6. A tub of fiber-reactive dye so instead of throwing all of your old clothes in the trash, you can make like the Gen Z's on TikTok and turn them all brown (or insert your favorite color here) instead. The more I (Chelsea) watch their videos, the more I love it. #Influenced.

    a tub of dye in morning yellow

    7. A sock coupler because your socks seemingly disappear into thin air when left unattended. Mixing and matching is fun until you have a pair of low-rise sneakers that give away your secret.

    8. A grooming glove so you can give your pet all the love they desire while covertly brushing away mats and tangles, too. Use it on wet or dryer fur (it's great in the bath) and on your feline friends as well.

    9. A Burst Oral Care electric toothbrush that doesn't have to be plugged in and holds its charge for up to a month. Better yet, Burst will send brush head refills right to your door every 90 days so you don't even have to worry about reordering. 🦷

    10. A Makeup Eraser cloth so you can wipe away the day even if you've already climbed into bed for the night. Trust me, your skin will thank you!

    a hand holding the pink makeup erasing cloth

    11. A rapid egg cooker that's simple, quick, and consistent when it comes to making soft, medium, and hard-boiled eggs. Let's be real, if I had to go through the trouble of making them the old-fashioned way, I'd probably just pull out a Toaster Strudel instead.

    the green egg cooker which has a clear domed lid

    12. A bottle of all-purpose cleaning concentrate you can use on messes in every corner of your home. Just spray it onto surfaces — like your kitchen counter or bathroom vanity — then let it sit for ~30ish seconds before wiping it away.

    three bottles of the all-purpose cleaner in different scents

    13. A pack of flexible and moldable glue that can be affixed to just about anything thanks to that fact that it's waterproof, heat and cold resistant, and — ultimately — removable. Use it to repair frayed cords or plug a crack in the sole of your favorite shoe.

    a reviewer's before and after photos of a frayed cord fixed with the moldable glue

    14. A set of leather cable straps so you can corral all of your cords before they find their way under your bed only to be sucked up by your robotic vacuum.

    a handful of the leather cord organizers used on headphones and charging cables

    15. A set of no-waste beeswax food wraps made from fully biodegradable organic cotton, jojoba oil, and tree resin. They're reusable and a ~whole~ lot easier to apply than cling wrap.

    16. A Delta shower head that can drastically cut down your bathroom time thanks to its incredible water pressure. No more rinsing conditioner out of your hair for what feels like an eternity.

    a reviewer's before and after photos which show poor water pressure then strong water pressure with the new showerhead

    17. A set of mini spatulas because you spent $40 on that color-matching foundation and you'll be damned if even one drop goes to waste.

    a reviewer's photo of the spatula used on a makeup bottle

    18. A reusable swab you can use just like any regular ol' cotton one. (Read: Just don't stick it in your ear!) The plastic alternative comes in a biodegradable case (made from 🌽) and it's been engineered to last for 1,000 uses so you don't have to buy carton after carton of single-use alternatives.

    19. A set of bed bands that are basically like suspenders for your mattress, because nothing ruins a morning like having the corner of your fitted sheet pop off as you roll over.

    20. A Wet Brush for those whose hair knots no. matter. what. If leave-in conditioner and then spray-on detangler isn't cutting it, this brush will eliminate knots with pain-free ease.

    a reviewer's before and after photo of tangled and then tamed hair

    21. A microwave pasta cooker that makes it even easier to whip up your go-to meal: noodles with butter and, if you're feeling ~saucy,~ a lil' sprinkle of Parmesan.

    a hand holding spaghetti over the container

    22. A set of heat-resistant covers which prevent microwave splatters and boiled-over pots because those are two things nobody wants to clean up on the reg.

    a reviewer picking up a bowl by the green microwave cover

    23. A set of drawer organizers that can take your drawer from the chaos that is a TJ Maxx sale section to the enviable order that is The Container Store.

    a reviewer's before and after photos of a disorganized drawer and then an orderly drawer

    24. A makeup-removing shampoo because unfortunately, sponges are a hot-bed for acne-hatching bacteria and cleaning them regularly costs a whole lot less than having to see a dermatologist.

    a reviewer's before and after photos of a makeup sponge covered in foundation and then clean

    25. A set of magnetic twist ties that can both organize unruly cords and help you keep an eye on important stuff like your keys. Use the magnetic tie to attach your essentials to your fridge or, like the reviewer below, a light switch you have to pass before leaving the house.

    26. A Bissell Little Green carpet cleaner capable of sucking up messes of any caliber. New couches are expensive, and this game-changing gadget is only like a hundred bucks — you do the math.

    27. A habit-tracking calendar that can help you nail down a routine and see what makes you feel your emotional and physical best, be it cooking three+ times a week or getting a reliable eight hours of shut-eye.

    the habit tracker which has rows for daily, weekly, and monthly entries

    28. A Thaw Claw for those times when mom asked you to take the chicken out of the freezer hours ago but you were so sucked into Sims 4 (recreating your neighborhood, naturally), that you totally forgot.

    a reviewer's photo of the thaw claw used to defrost chicken

    29. A pack of Affresh dishwasher tablets that can cut through lime and mineral build-up like no one's business. Used once a month, the septic-safe formula will keep your dishwasher blissfully clean and odor-free.

    a model putting a cleaning tablet in a dishwasher

    30. An under-cabinet jar opener because there is nothing more aggravating than trying to open a jar for 20 minutes, asking your housemate to do it, and having to listen to them gloat about how easy it was.

    31. A two-pack of handheld bag sealers you can use to cut and seal a variety of snack bags so your treats don't go stale. (I (Chelsea) personally can't not finish an entire bag of Jax Cheese Curls in one sitting, so I don't need this, but power to those who have the strength to save some!)

    32. A set of waterproof eyeliner stamps for those who LOVE the look of winged liner, but can't help but shake like a leaf when attempting to paint them on.

    33. A cold brew coffee maker with — if you can even believe it — more than 26,000 5-star Amazon reviews! This way, you can stop spending $50+ on coffee runs every week.

    34. An eco-friendly pill remover constructed from upcycled car windshield glass. Using gentle strokes, run the stone across your sweaters, towels, throw blankets, and even upholstered furniture to remove stubborn fuzzies and extend their life.

    a model using the black pill remover on a sweater

    35. A multipack of bra extenders because bodies change and bras are freakin' expensive!! Instead of replacing your undergarments, get the right fit with these easy-to-use straps.

    36. A pack of reusable K-Cups for those who enjoy the convenience of a Keurig but the cost-effectiveness of whole or ground beans. Just stuff your caffeine of choice into the reusable purple pod, pop it into your machine, and brew like usual. ☕️

    37. A Blueland cleaning kit with all the essentials — AKA bottles and tablets — that allow you to whip up your own multi-surface, glass + mirror, and bathroom cleaners as well as foaming hand soap. Once you run out, just re-up on tablets and you're good to go.

    The Clean Essentials kit which comes with three spray bottles, one hand soap pump, and four cleaning tablets

    38. A pair (or seven) of Thinx period underwear that can hold up to four tampons’ worth of your flow. If you're sick of shelling out serious $$$ on period products that aren't even comfortable at all, give these a go.

    A model wearing the black Super Hi-Waist underwear which have mesh sides

    39. A 16-pack of reusable bamboo makeup pads so you don't have to go through sleeves and sleeves of cotton rounds. The pads are super soft and can gently remove layers of foundation, highlighter, and mascara before being tossed in the wash.

    40. A set of cutesy wool dryer balls worth buying for the design alone (peep the 🐥), but also because they speed up drying time, prevent wrinkles, and remove any pet (or human) hair that didn't come out in the wash.

    41. A 36-page Rocketbook that can be filled cover to cover with notes or doodles and uploaded to Google Drive (or your preferred platform) before being wiped clean and used again.

    42. A magnetic meal planner you can stick right to your fridge so you can easily keep track of the week's menu and any groceries you may need to pick up. Once you've written your list, rip out the perforated page and take it with you.

    A hand tearing away one of the grocery list sheets

    43. A self-cleaning Litter-Robot because as much as I (Chelsea) love my cats, there are few household chores I loathe more than scooping their poop. Even worse, the little devils seem to enjoy watching me do it.